Impossible to update thousands of old affiliate links

I’ve just received an e-mail, that old affiliate links won’t work after 3rd October 2019.

  1. It’s impossible to update 10000s of old links. It’s technically impossible to update repins, retweets and shares.

  2. It was possible to create thousands of affiliate links in automated way. Now, we have to do it one by one?

Not everybody uses blogs with only a few links. For example, many successful affiliates use Pinterest, as tall images are optimized for it. This change will kill 90% of affiliates…


All the time I have spent on creating these links. All these years, all for nothing. And how can we be sure impact will not be abandoned in the future as well?

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This is unacceptable. Thousands of affiliates were working, spread the word about the marketplace. And now you kill it? As it was said, there’s no way to update all affiliate links.

Envato will kill the old affiliate system and still receive traffic from it. Envato WIN.
Authors - LOST.

What message is envato sending?



Thanks for sharing your info.
I think this is little hard to change thousand of link update with new Impact platform.
I’m not sure about that the is it possible to change all link together or not in this case I’m tagging envato affiliate team member @emile_b hope he will help you out all of you from your issue.


It seems like envato do not really care about the affiliates any more. There is no way to update 10000 or more links in a single affiliate site and many people run more than that. In the end it just like envato gets traffic and affiliates loss their hard work.

thanks @wdcover,
We have been guiding affiliates through this whole process and making sure there is minimum lost earnings, and happy to do the same for you.
Please email me ( a list of all the domains you currently have legacy links on and I will personally create Impact links for you to replace them with


Exactly this. Someone looked at the Envato bottom line and figured out a smart way to decrease the outflows a bit. Whoever came up with the plan, well done.

I started changing some links, but it’s just impossible to change all without getting insane. Can I see which links generated the most referral earnings? Then I only change those.

@emile_b How can I change links in Pinterest? Pinterest doesn’t allow to change links anymore.

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