Impossible to get my theme approved.

Another soft reject and I am very confused.

One big issue is that on the reviwer side the header font that I am using is set to a font weight of 700 but for some wired reason it is not rendered as bold as it should be and because of this the entire theme looks bad please compare this on the reviewer side with this page you will see what I mean , here is a print screen as well

Site title not displaying on smaller screens: - The site title is on the menu, and when a logo is used it replaces the titile, do I have to add the site title everywhere, this makse no sense and it will break the design.

And this one Reserved Prefixes The wp_ prefix is reserved for WordPress core functionality and must not be used by a theme. Prefixes must never begin with an underscore or hyphen. Example(s): and more.

Thank you.