Impossible to cancel my subscription

I have been trying to cancel my Envato subscription or two days and have been billed for the next cycle since the website offers no easy way to cancel despite claims on the help page that this option is available at any time. There is no link on the homepage to “my subscription,” and when I clicked the link that I did find in the help section, I was directed to a restricted page. Please advise how I can stop this service as I did not want to pay for another month and would not like to continue using this service.


You should be able to manage your subscription here:

If you’re unable to cancel it, or would like a refund, you’ll need to open a Help ticket at the following link:

Hope that helps!


Thank you for your response. That is the link I’ve tried several times but
keep getting a message that says the page is restricted. I’ve attached a
screen grab below. I will try the other link you sent to open a Help
ticket. Thank you again.


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