Impossible login with envato

Hello, I’ve purchased the license but I can’t download the demo or update plugin because there is an errore in connecting with envato. How van I do?

It’s probably cache issue. You can try to login with a new browser or clean the cookies/files on the current browser

I’ve deleted cache browser and cookies but I get this error

1- I go in my wp-admin and I click “Login with Envato”


2 - I go in the next page where I insert user and password


3 - I get the error


I don’t speak Italian, but from the screenshot it seems to be saying this theme is / has been previously activated.

If it is not that, then contact the theme author

unable to reach this page

It may be 500 error on the server. Contact the theme author as @123Simples suggested

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Thank you. I’ve previuosly installed in another site, but I’ ve purchased a second license


You really need to contact the author because it sounds like an error on the script whereby it is connecting to Envato, but not then recognising this is a different installation using a 2nd licence. This is no fault of Envato API, but more to do with the way the script has been setup by the author maybe :wink:

They should be able to advise you about how they can sort this for you.

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