Importing data to live environment not working in UX Flatsome Theme

I’ve been using Theme (flatsome) UX theme and completed working in development environment. Issues start appearing when I started to import the posts, media, etc. It does not work and my live site is completely messed up. Very frustrated due to the support issues from Author and team. It has been two days and my live site is not working due to import xml problems. Even the theme option settings are not being copied. Can someone please advise what could be the issue. I’ve been a regular customer and this has been night mare for me.


Live site:

Please advise. Thanks,



I will need to login into your admin interface . It is really hard to say anything. What package you have on your hosting?


Are you from support team from Envato? Basically, import via XML failed so
many times. My main concern is look n feel of the home page and entire site
also, the content is not being displayed on the home page. Looks like
settings from theme options did not properly exported? Did you check both
the sites?

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Let me know.



No I am not from support . I am freelancer. Don’t put admin username and password public that all can see it. Someone can delete site. Please change password and send me over private message

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Hi @harpanpanchal,

I’ve edited your entry, for your own security please don’t post sensitive data on public forums. You may want to change your password, as mentioned by @Zaccc.


Thanks. Much appreciated.