Importing 3rd party template to Weebly

Hi all,

Firstly, pardon may naivety as I am a businessman and not a web designer :slight_smile:

So I purchased a Weebly theme from Themeforest/Envato called Kudos. I tried importing it to my Weebly site and what happened was that it overlapped the current template I was working on. I know that the contents were not included, but I was expecting something like a clean template with sections I can work on one by one.

Anyone know how I can get about applying 3rd party themes on weebly?

ps. I should have stayed with Wix :slight_smile:

I already faced this issue. So, I applied simple theme to weebly which is available on weebly. Then I delete all textboxes, columns etc and upload my theme. It’s time consuming.