Importing 3D Objects in Photoshop CC

Hello everyone! I just purchased for the first time an item from 3DOcean. I was expecting to open the .3ds file in Photoshop CC and have the item opened just as I bought it. The problem is, when I opened it in Photoshop CC the object was solid white and none of the textures or images are linked. I received the files separately when I bought the item, but I really don’t know how to put them together to make it look like the item I bought.

Please help!!!

I bought this:

The 3ds format only supports the 8.3 naming convention for textures, if the textures have longer filenames, they are not loaded onto the model by Photoshop.

  • you can rename the textures to the 8.3 naming convention (not recommended)

  • you can try to open the *.obj file in Photoshop (obj supports longer filenames)

  • you can edit the diffuse color of the material layer in Photoshop and replace the texture