Important Update for Our Author Community: Shutterstock + Envato

Let’s say it’s not a simple time for Envato. I haven’t started in the best period for this platform. I hope all of us will have more opportunities and earnings in the coming months and years!

Are we really in a danger ? Do we really need to stop working on envato and start working on backup plans ? Can there be any positive news ?


I just want to know one thing here.

Why did they shut down Envato Studio when they had the option to find a buyer / investor (just like in this case Shutterstock) and sell it to someone interested in acquiring the service marketplace?

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Just one reason. They hate Envato Authors. They want to destroy everything here. :slight_smile: I guess :rofl:


All my posts are flagged by community. I tried many times, just answering to people here.

That’s a bit weird. I feel I’m a freak. That’s frightening.

Your posts are not only off topic but the forums are not the place to advertise setting up your own business. I’m sure you can understand. Thanks!

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Actually, there is not hard to bring Envato back because there is not any competitors. They just sinply focus on the new quality items and promote it. They should disable ADP, close Element, listening their Author Concerns and then everything will be back to them. But leaders of Envato seem don’t realize this. Seem they have thought too complicated. They did not dare to do anything. They sold the Marketplace. Bad.


I decided to remove my initial post here as I felt it was too much of myself complaining out of frustration. I have concerns but I don’t want it to seem like I’m just here to complain, which is definitely not the case.


Totally understand the sentiment Derek. Things are changing fast and furious in stock these last couple years. Well definitely have more details as things unfold.


Thank you for your feedback. I’d still like to make a few clarifications.

I owe a lot to Envato, and I’m very grateful for what Envato has given us all over the years. If it were possible to be reassured about our future as authors, in particular to have guarantees that the platform and our level of remuneration as authors would be maintained, I would immediately abandon the project for a new independent platform.

It seems that Envato is not currently in a position to offer these guarantees, hence the general concern of authors who find their livelihood uncertain and precarious.

As far as I’m concerned, it would be perfectly possible for me to sell my products independently if necessary. My sites are well referenced. My project is a collaborative one, not a personal business. I’m trying to organise something, not to lead it.

Once again, I’d like to thank Envato for everything you’ve done for us so far, but please understand that if we can’t be reassured about our future, we’re just trying not to sit on our hands.


While this seems most challenging time in Envato’s history, Let’s just hope there will be

  1. New Set of customers from SS to Envato marketplaces
  2. Shorter Payment Settlement
  3. More revenue to Authors who drives traffic here and not capping the overall revenue

I still don’t understand why Envato is selling its business.

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Having been through the Twenty20 sale to Envato when all the same negative things and gloomy predictions were being said among the creators, I would like to share with you all that an acquisition isn’t always a bad thing. Envato literally increased my earnings over 10x what I was making on T20 at the time of the sale. Change can be difficult, but I’m optimistic!


I hope we will get rid of 30% tax. This would be the biggest improvement …


Lol all your concerns… anyway one thing is 100% true, and that is, Envato is not running ads any more, so we’ll see what happens there with the new owners.


Yes, sale stopped since they inform they sold the Company.




Hello! In light of these news are there any chances that Envato will be placed to US tax residence as Shuterstock? Or it will remain Australian company with Australian tax residence?


Hey there, will Envato continue advertising, or has that stopped since they announced the big news about their agreement to be acquired by Shutterstock? Right now, it feels as if VideoHive has pretty much frozen. Many thanks.


Seem everything has been stopped no. Until SS come here, i think we should prepare for the new products and hope they could know how to to the right thing. Or we should sell our product ourselves.

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