Important Terms Updates for all Users on Envato Market

If that’s related to some kind of theme or plugin that you bought from Envato, then you need to speak to the author of the item in question. There will be a support tab on the item page or you can contact them through the contact box on their profile page.

I live in America. The buyer should never be held responsible for work they purchased on Envato. If a third-party contacts a buyer claiming to be the legal owner of the work. The author who said the work was theirs should be held responsible, and the third-party should sue the author for copyright infringement. That’s my thoughts. With the current terms on Envato, I might have to start making my own works. This will be one added assignment that I will charge to the client. As a previous seller of stock footage, I would inform my buyers that they could not sell my footage as their own, but they could use the footage forever. I always wanted happy clients.

Products with unlimited lifetime updates bought before this change, should be granted full lifetime updates.
Otherwise It would be very difficult to trust the company and buy again here.

It never changed. What you are suggesting is still the case.

Previously it was between author and buyer and envato had no control over it. This remains the same except now envato can enforce it for the first 6 months.

Other than this new additional benefit nothing is different

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Ok. I misunderstood support with updates. I’m sorry.

No worries - Totally appreciate it was confusing :wink:

Just wanting to make it clear to everyone especially with the first six months of the new policy ending soon.

The Item Support section needs clarification for purchases made prior to these new Terms and Conditions.

Previous purchases included unlimited support for the life of the product. Since retroactive/unilateral changes to contracts are not possible, it should be made clear to Sellers and Purchasers that items purchased prior to these new terms and conditions are exempt from the 6-month support timeline limitation. Purchases made after the new terms and conditions are subject to the 6-month support timeline, however.

NEW Terms and Conditions

Envato Clarification of Terms re: Previous Purchases

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You need to contact the author of the item so they can provide support. Just head to the page of the item you bought, and then go to the support tab.

plz tell me the payment 61 dolor is for life time

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Hi Peter,
I have been looking for WP for education Services, and i noted that you have very good WP for Education. I wondered if this can be used for Education and student services.
i also liked the stock image. i would like to buy this sit. if i do dose it mean i won the web or there’s more payment very year. Also can i buy the image with it if NOT would you be able to guide me to where i can get them from. Finally i have all material ready, Logo, Name, contents etc. Do you provide installation support?
Kind regards,

Dr Mikey

great, more rules to follow :slight_smile:

I really like it when you guys just show what are the differences in the terms compared to having to read through the entire document.

I’m just boosting this thread to get a clarification of this CLAUSE of Law,
pls give us a non-obfuscated clarification on this…

Hey, did you ever get an answer to your question regarding reusing the same song as an intro to different episodes in a video series?

I can’t seem to find the final word on this.


Yes, that thread was kind of messed up.
Here’s what Help told me:
"I’d say both your cases can be treated under the series definition of licenses:
With the series attribute to licenses you’ll be able to create up to 52 episodes of that series or for any episode that you create during a period of one year - Whichever happens first :slight_smile:

So if you complete the 52 episodes before the year is over and you wish to make another one, you can purchase a new license to reset the one year/52 episodes countdown."

In other words I am good. Cheers,

For real? So of i use mockups for my website i should contact Apple or Samsung? Their inbox is spam or trash sometimes. Only once i was amazed that Dodge/Chrysler actually answered to my email and it was more like a joke, but telling the truth about them. Apparently my idea was sent forward, but dude i’m quite sure you won’t get a response for everything. Anyway you can use something free-commercial use and if something “bad” happens, the creator “get in jail” for your a… right? No? Ok…

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