Important Events 2020 Calendar - For Authors

I made same topic in hidden Elements Forum but I think this can be usefull for all Authors - so here you go :slight_smile:

As mentioned above - I made basic Holidays / Celebration days Callendar - Maybe you can improve that callendar, add some holidays I missed so I can fill this up here in this first post - in result we can have pretty complete callendar for our design / audio / video work.

If you know some holidays should be added let me know and I will update this post - hopefully at the end we will have complete callendar :slight_smile:

Here’s the base:


1 - New Year’s Day
6 - Three Kings Day
20 - Martin Luther King Day
25 - Chinese New Year (China)
26 - Republic Day (India)

FEBRUARY ([Month] Black History Month):

2 - Superbowl (Gridiron/Football - (SPORTS)
14 - Valentine’s Day
17 - President Washington Day (US)
17 - Family Day (Canada)
21 - Maha Shivarati (India)
21 - Cricket Twenty20 World Cup (Women - to March 8 - Australia - SPORTS)


8 - Woman Day
17 - Saint Patrick Day
20 - Spring Starts


5 - Vietnam Grand Prix - Hanoi ( F1 - Vietnam is set to host the first Grand Prix in its history) - (SPORTS)
10 - Good Friday (Canada)
12 - Easter
20 - Patriots Day (US)
22 - Earth Day


10 - Mother’s Day
18 - Victoria Day (Canada)
24 - Women’s Champions League final (SPORTS)
25 - Memorial Day (US)


12 - Euro 2020 (to July 12) - (SPORTS)
14 - Flag Day (US)
14 - Children’s Day
20 - Summer Starts
21 - Father’s Day
27 - Tour de France (to July 19) - (SPORTS)


1 - Canada Day
4 - Independence Day (US)
24 - Tokyo Olympics (to August 9 - SPORTS)


9 - International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples
25 - Tokyo Paralympics (to September 6) - (SPORTS)
30 - National Beach Day
31 - US Open (to September 13) - (SPORTS)


1 - Back to school (US)
7 - Labour Day (Canada)
19 - Oktoberfest (Germany)
23 - Autumn Starts
25 - 27 - Ryder Cup (Golf - SPORTS)


12 - Thanksgiving (Canada)
18 - Cricket Twenty20 World Cup (Men - to November 15 - Australia - SPORTS)
31 - Halloween


11 - Remembrance Day (Canada)
11 - Veteran’s Day (US)
11 - Single’s Day (Something like Black Friday, Single’s day because of date 11/11)
14 - Diwali / Dipawali (India - Hindu Festival of Light)
26 - Thanks Giving Day (US)
27 - Black Friday
30 - Cyber Monday


5/6 - St. Nicholas’ Eve/Day
7 - Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day (US)
22 - Winter Starts
24 - Hanukkah Begins (Jewish)
24 - Christmas Eve
25 - Christmas Day
26 - Kwanzaa Begins (US & Western World)
26 - Boxing Day (US/UK/Canada/Australia) (SPORTS)
31 - New Years Eve

  • Jan 14CALENDAR IS UPDATED WITH MAJOR SPORT EVENTS (you can see “SPORTS” info next to event)
  • Jan 14 - CALENDAR IS UPDATED WITH MAJOR CANADIAN HOLIDAYS / EVENTS (you can see “Canada” info next to holiday / event)

huge work, very good idea Paul, well done :slight_smile:

too bad Sonkgkran is missing lol :slight_smile: and canadian national day i think this is in july

As I said - Major Events… maybe some are missing but believe me - only in sports there are tens of events - this calendar is something that anyone can do all of this events without missing his regular designs planned :slight_smile: hehehe

Chinese New Year this year at January 25.


Since I’m not Chinese I still forget this… :wink:


Cool list, thanks :orange_heart:

It’s strange that you didn’t indicate that this is Catholic Christmas. Half Christians celebrate Christmas on Jan 7th

Yes but you need to remember very important thing - This holidays / celebration days / sport events have to be … how to say this… “designable” - something you can design, for example something people would print, advertise and so on. So not every Catholic, Muslim, Jewish etc. holiday is really something to design, buy, print etc.

For example may 31 -The Pentecost - would someone print a flyer about this? I don’t think so, people just would go for BBQ or something but if talking about Christmas eve / day? -> big holiday, lot of gifts, a lot of events, santa claus… massive opportunity. So that’s why we should select really major holidays which are “designable” and are connected with few events :slight_smile:

This callendar is basic major holidays - there’s no problem if someone would print this and complete the list with missing holidays. For example there is lot of sport events in the world ( much more than I putted here on the list ) .

I choosed only this biggest or most important at the time like F1 Grand Prix in Vietnam in Capital City Hanoi - first time ever - just one race from all F1 racing callendar but how important :slight_smile: First time in the history in Vietnam, city streets in Hanoi - complete new track in racing calendar :slight_smile: I hope you got what is my point :slight_smile:

This list was updated few times with help of other authors from Envato Elements Forum (where I created similar topic some time ago) - here’s the same - if you know about big event this year I missed let us know here - I will update this above immediately :slight_smile:

PEACE ! :slight_smile: hehe

July 1st - Canada Day

November 11 - Remembrance Day (Canada)

April 10 - Good Friday (Canada)

February 17 - Family Day (Canada)

May 18 - Victoria Day (Canada)

October 12 - Thanksgiving (Canada)

September 7 - Labour Day (Canada)

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Here you go :slight_smile: Calendar is updated with those dates :slight_smile: (Check first post above).

This is why this calendar is published here, can be completed with your suggestions (you are from Canada obviously :smiley: :smiley: )

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You misunderstood me. I am not saying that you should include another Christmas. I say that it would not be bad to indicate that the Christmas that you included in the list is Catholic (to avoid confusion).
And what about “designable”: I have not seen projects on the market for some holidays that you included in the list. For example Indian holidays

Quick example:

India population is about 1.3 billion people - pretty the same as China. We all heard about Chinese New Year (year of rat), but not really much about India holidays… people often ask about finding a niche :slight_smile: here you go - the niche - 1.3 billion population with their holidays :slight_smile: and we don’t have to consider if the country is rich or not if it’s population is 1/7 population of the world :slight_smile:

in my stats on the market India is in the top 10 countries (buyers) of all time - it’s higher than really rich countries like Switzerland etc. So yes - the number of population counts here :slight_smile:

Peace :slight_smile:

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16 projects. No too much. Never mind.

This is why I called this a niche :slight_smile: if there’s 16k designs then it is not a niche anymore :slight_smile: hehe


I don’t think there will be any confusion with Christmas Day being listed on Dec 25th. The vast majority of the planets population (who aren’t Catholic) celebrate Christmas on that day. I didn’t even know there was another day that some people celebrate it on.

thank u for the very good topic , anyway , Paul :slight_smile: people are free to complete it or not :slight_smile:

As I mentioned here and on elements forum too -> this is the base :slight_smile: a little start. Everyone can take this, update, modify, improve, cut … do anything to make it as comfortable as you, and you, and you need :slight_smile: hehe

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