Important Changes to VideoHive Stock Footage Review

Considering the cost implications of implementing something should never be classed as doing something wrong.

If something isn’t paying off, then simply abandon it and don’t do it, instead of doing it the wrong way :slight_smile:

4 months + (yes, my two video clips are now in the “submitted 4 months ago” phase) is just simply absurd an is definitely doing something wrong. Please don’t pretend it isn’t.

In the meantime (during these 4 months of wait here) I’ve grown my non-exclusive portfolio on other platform by thousands! :slight_smile:

Absolutely, review times are crazy long… but you can’t just continually throw money at something to try and fix it.

Well, that’s also true :slight_smile:

Abandon it then, just like Activeden, seems like it’s something they can’t handle.

So according to you, everything is fine, like always. :slight_smile:

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Well I didn’t say that. In fact, me saying that queues are crazy long would be quite the opposite of that. All I’m saying is that throwing money at a problem isn’t always the best solution.

The purpose of this post was to tell us that they are going to quickly reject whole batches of stock footage for free, I don’t see any kind of investment in this solution so where are they throwing the money at? If they had told me that they hired 100 new reviewers but still can’t shorten the queue it would be another story!
In this way I just see a potential loss of even more money for all of us because they are going to blindfold reject items that could be the next Avada of stock footage without even watching it.
Last month I uploaded 5 items of motion graphics, 3 got rejected and 2 accepted. Those 2 made me around 100$ in a bit more than 30 days, if they had applied the same policy of 50+% rejects = 100% reject we both would have lost money.

Does every investment have to have some kind of monetary value? I’m saying that throwing money at it by hiring lots of reviewers might not be the best option… I’m not saying they have already thrown a bunch of money at it. But they might have, you never know!

They did say they’d hired more reviewers but still can’t shorten the queue. It wasn’t 100 though! 100 full-time reviewers on Australian minimum wage would cost $3m a year, but what extra profit would that bring in?

I see this mentality a lot… not sure if I agree with it. In all likelihood, they probably would have just bought something else. Same amount of money goes to Envato, same amount of money goes to an author. Yes, if your item is completely unique, or at a much higher standard than similar content, then they might go elsewhere… but most of ‘elsewhere’ is a lot more expensive, so it depends on how important that item was to the buyer.

I have no idea about their campaign to fix the problem and its costs, that’s why I’m here to ask if I’m missing something they did and I didn’t notice, but the only way I see to put more videos online in a shorter time is investing in human beings that watch the items with their eyes and decide if it’s ok or not! We need human beings to do that and human beings have costs! =)

I remember they spoke about some extra reviewers and that that solution didn’t work out well, but again, I just see my items getting reviewed mostly from people from eastern europe (unless it’s a fake flag in their profile), I’m pretty sure they are not employed full time by Envato and they are paid for the numbers of items reviewed. Why Envato employs people from those countries? Got nothing against them of course, just wanted to know what’s the strategy behind this…maybe cutting the costs because it’s cheaper? Australian minimum wage doesn’t even apply to online freelancers with casual jobs!

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I didn’t say anything about throwing money, just that they are doing (or did in the past) something wrong to grow the queue to this extent. They should probably act a lot sooner instead of waiting for the queue to get to 100+ days.

Yeah, I was the one that said that.

How do you know they didn’t?

Well if they did, it was wildly unsuccessful :smiley:

What a shame…

You are strange man :slight_smile:
People here talk about real problems. I noticed that your opinion is against all who are talking here. And even in other forums. Now videohive has problem with review time and a lot of rejects. Many authors stopped to upload their footages. This is bad tendention, only if videohive will to be boutique quality marketplace. Videohive needs in professional video reviewers. Are you Envato’s lawyer? When these same problems affect both you and your earnings. How will you speak then? Or do you have special privileges? And the problem of not touching you…

Ohhh by the way at this time i have files which 6 month waiting. I understand you will said now this is not a problem but i strongly sure that this is a big problem for me and i think for videohive too in future

What would you suggest?

I offered but no one hears me.
I even offered my help as remote worker in solving these problems, They was told that help is not needed.
And to you personally I propose to be objective in assessing the situation and communication with other members of Envato family.

I’m one of the few people that is objective! I look at how any changes, problems and potential solutions might affect Envato, authors and buyers. Not just authors.

Unfortunately, the majority of people come up with suggestions that only take into account authors, and in a lot of cases, just them… without considering the cost to Envato or their buyers. How many times do you see a thread about increasing commissions, reducing review times, implementing new features and processes where somebody stops to ask what kind of impact it would have on Envato when it comes to time, money and resources? Is it that crazy to think of the other two parties in a business relationship and not just oneself?

Even if I’m being biased and am defending Envato more than I should… I’m one of a few people who do, so it’s not exactly like I’m in the majority. My point is to make people stop and think. More this, less that, quicker this… it all sounds great for authors but have people thought it through? Have they considered the impact, the cost versus benefit?

The fact you don’t call out people for making suggestions that benefit authors, or authors who complain about changes that Envato have made… makes it feel that you might also not be as subjective as you think you are? I guess were in the same boat in that regard, but there’s room enough for the both of us.

Look i am thinking man. I think like author and like businessman too.
My parents built me ​​so that I did not look at someone else’s purse. But also be objective and think about other people. I’m not an Envato employee and I’m not interested in your internal problems and benefits because this is your business and you are not interested in my opinion. You invited me as an author three years ago and I think at the moment as an author. What is happening now is not my fault and not my mistake, because I can not influence what is happening in you there. But if I were in your place I would explain what happens and when to wait for a solution. In the forum, Envato’s employees repeatedly wrote that they will solve the problem and specify the time, but this did not come true. I have my own team and I think about them and about our customers and it’s my job and responsibility. I solve my problems at once. Sometimes it’s worth being radical. Someone will suffer in this situation but the one who will suffer will think what to do next and will use time to build something new. Sometimes you need to take drastic measures or roll back and leave everything as it was until you virtually come up with something new, and when you experience this new, then introduce it into real life. You enter and then see what happens next? I worked for a large computer company and I know how problems come and who brings problems. I do not need to be with you to see how much you are talking about your problems. I am the father of two children, I have my own business with people, I have experience on the basis of which I can understand what is happening in you. Are you just talking about problems or solving them? Make a rollback when things work better. Or act radically, someone will suffer but in general everything will be clear what will happen next and how it will work in real time. Now nothing is clear. Envato is silent and says nothing. I can guess why you can not solve the problem. Perhaps videohive is not the most profitable direction so the management is not in a hurry to solve the problems associated with this. Therefore, those who manage now this direction are afraid to take responsibility for any decisions. Or can management not delegate its responsibilities to professional managers. If there is no money for this, then the move office to America might not have been timely?
By the way
Tell please how many time you waiting for review of your files? Tell true!!!
And the last try walking in my shoes. What would you do and what did you say if you invested a lot of money organized the filming and then waited 6 months while watching your files?


Is there anyone with 6 months old items in pending ?