Important Changes to VideoHive Stock Footage Review

In their new standards they require that the cameraman should be reflected into mirrors and you must be able to see him!
If the cameraman was playing hide&seek and you couldn’t see him…bad job, doesn’t meet quality standards!! haha :joy:

i have only few videos, but of the 12 videos 6 were sold. And these 11 times since may 2017, and now all the videos in the review are rejected.
Aerial views in 4k are probably no longer the quality envato is looking for.
I’m laughing myself to death.
good night envato!

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I’m pretty sure that Envato top managers are not even aware of this issue.
It’s impossible that they don’t do anything about it, everyone who is aware of that and runs a company would do something instead of just watching and do nothing.
Can someone tell to Collis to come to the forums to have a short read? Someone should show him what get accepted and what gets rejected and look at his face!
He’s wasting money paying wrong reviewers and losing even more money because what should be accepted gets rejected and vice versa!

Wtf did I just say? Sorry guys i was kidding, never seen millionaires caring about those who produce content for 8$…:joy:

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I wonder when this situation will change? 185 days is about 8 months of waiting …Does anyone from envato cares about it?

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Just over six months, but still… the numbers represent less of a correlation with the actual maximum review time, due to the new process… as your eight day item can get rejected along with your eight month item.

I am talking about authors like Emericlb who said that his items where in the review process for almost 8 months …not the 185 days .As far as i know other authors have items more than 7 months in the que too. More about the 8 month issue here 8 month wait and 20 rejected files...

17 day for resubmission …waiting 7 months for review and now the soft rejected items are becoming a problem too…(!!!)

My downloads in the queue are already 5 months for verification. The old downloads are almost 95% rejected. Other sites accept video material completely. For some reason Videohive accepts other authors, such as Gorodenkov, Pressmaster and others, during the week. I think they tell us to leave.


Thank god I was going to invest in stock footage and buy camera, slider etc but as see there is no future. This topic actually reminds me of photodune. Same story maybe After effects projects will be the next. While reading the replies here I’ve seen some amazing rejected footage for some resons.

Anyway, good luck everyone I’ll stick with AE :slight_smile: until they do same there.

what its mean ???

Hello, i waiting for my VideoHive product of 4 months but VideoHive/Stock footage review time is 64 days. There was a similar problem with my previous product. My previous product is approved after 6 months. I was send message Envato Facebook page and i got a this answer: “I looked into your issue and it seems like your files somehow got stuck in a limbo area where they appear to be pending review for you, but never actually made it into the queue.”. Could there be a problem again? Can you check?

(My product name is Sivrihisar Mountain)


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We waiting in queue 5-6 month and when they begin check we have rejects 99% (!!!)
I think that this attitude to customers is outrageous!
They can take slag-files, but they do not accept really unique and beautiful, actual footage.

I can Expect Why The Review Que Time Is very High - They Have Enough Stock Footage Videos Content And Stock Footage Category Is Not Impotent To Envato Because It (Stock Footages) Doesn’t Get Much Sales - indirectly they are stopping authors to upload stock footages. And They Are Sharing And Enjoying Envato Earnings With The Current Team They Are Not Going TO Expand The Current Review Team.

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But what is important for them?

They Can Spend The Resources/Time For Other Things/Items.

They have approved over 1800 new stock videos just in the past five days, so they’re working their way through them at quite a rate!

what type of files they want ?? if you say that footages not actual ?

i dont know what they aprove … but i was uploaded 950 files, and they aproved only 3-4 ))))
after 5-6 month waiting ))))

I recently received this email:
As you may or may not be aware, we have recently decided to trial a new reviewing process that will allow us to work through the pending queue more efficiently and effectively. To do this we’re going to be more strictly adhering to our existing quality standards. And we’re also putting more of an emphasis on author approval ratios. To read the full announcement, please head over to the announcement thread on the Envato Forums.
After reviewing a significant number of your files we have determined your approval ratio to be below the minimum threshold of approved items. For that reason we are rejecting all remaining items you currently have pending in the Stock Footage queue and will be removing them over the next week. Below you will find a breakdown of the most common issues we identified during our review process.
Unstable / Handheld; Poor framing/comp; Soft focus. Get more information about these issues by visiting our Help Center.
While it is a no today, it is not a permanent rejection. We encourage you to review your files and submit your best, taking care to ensure that your items are of the highest quality.
Our goal as a review team is to ensure that our library contains the quality and content our customers are looking for and we are relying on you as an author to review your own items before uploading. This will help to reduce the review queue for everyone and ensure our customers have the best possible items available for purchase.
The VideoHive Review Team

I’m so disappointed with Envato. I do not think it’s serious. I spent a lot of my time on those videos, time and money. Time is money too. And now they reject them in a stroke. I think it’s regrettable. Up to here my love arrived for all of you. They lost my confidence.