Important Changes to Skrill Payment Method

Skrill have decided to end their operations in Australia. As Envato is an Australia-based company, this means that we will no longer be able to accept payments or send payouts through Skrill.

Skrill are moving very quickly to cease operations in Australia and as such, the amount of time for authors to make changes is limited.

We do not want you to be stuck without a payment provider.

Envato still has several other payment methods including PayPal, Payoneer, and Swift. We highly encourage any authors currently using Skrill exclusively to switch to a new provider immediately. Importantly, we will not accept any Skrill withdrawal requests after 31 August, 2017.

For more information on how to choose a payment option, please review this help center article.


Why you’re not operating over Envato USA Inc then? Launching Envato USA Inc


In my opinion the skrill soon will cease any activity with the pace of cooperation with many companies .

My country doesn’t supports paypal and Payoneer! Then what to do?! please reduce swift 500$ limit to continue partnership with envato.


Only the skrill is used in the country where I live. What am I supposed to do now? Would you please deduct $ 500?

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My country doen’t supports paypal and Payoneer! Than what to do?! lease reduce awift 500$ limit to continue partnership with envato.


Right, SWIFT minimum amount($500) should be reduced.

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I am a motion graphics Artist Based on Baku, Azerbaijan. And there are have two ways to get money from envato.
1 - Skrill
2 - Swift.
My monthly income smaller than 500$ , please reduce swift payment . Or I can’t work with you guys

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Unlikely they’ll reduce the amount required, as they’ll have calculated a reasonable amount that will offset the hassle of sending via that option. Maybe they could shave a bit of though.

However, they should introduce the option to withdraw a lower amount for a higher fee. Then authors will have the choice to do so, or wait until they get to $500.

Why don’t envato introduce Western Union Payment? That is also an easy way to withdraw money?


Can I withdraw the money on Skrill 1 September?

No, you can request Skrill withdrawals up to and including the 31st of August… and they’ll be paid on the 15th of September. But you’ll need to sort something else by the 30th of September to receive payment in October.

So, this is the last month we can withdraw through Skrill that will be processed in next month’s 15th. is it right ?

Yes, that’s right.

Maybe it’s time for Envato to add more payment options (as Neteller or Dixipay etc…)

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Neteller is owned by the same company as Skrill, so I’m assuming they’ll be ditching Australia as well. Maybe not though. Never heard of Dixipay, but if Envato can sort something that doesn’t entail authors having to withdraw over $500 via swift, then that would be nice.

What about Western Union Payment?

Could work, but it can be pretty expensive for countries that don’t use Paypal… approaching $100 for a transfer. But still, I guess it’s an option. I’m not sure how complicated it is to implement a new withdrawal method, but hopefully Envato are looking into the options.

@Fanina @LemonDesignSound @NijatCG For those in Azerbaijan, Payoneer is a payment option for you.

We do continue to look at other payment providers to launch, however, this specific change by Skrill was not anticipated so we’re acting quickly to ensure the least amount of disruption possible.


I relied solely on skrill as a last resort after trying the other payment options.
The other payment methods [paypal - payoneer], have not been made to fit some regions of the world, even though “officially” they support these regions. In my case [Egypt] getting paid with these companies is either a hassle / not possible.
Getting paid via swift should be anyone’s first option really, but the undetermined transaction time that can reach months - unknown hidden costs depending on intermediary banks - 500 USD minimum amount to gamble with - envato’s scary warning that it’s not responsible for any financial loss resulted from info mismatch. You’d understand why a lot of authors stray from that option, when you don’t know when you’re getting paid, how much you’re getting paid, or if you’re getting paid at all.

What to do?

  • More payment options:
    already 4 options that will soon become 3 is not enough for a worldwide company. there is a lot more companies that will “happily” handle your monetary transactions [E.G dixipay].
  • Benefiting from US based operations:
    when envato moved from Australia to the US, all non-US authors underwent an extra tax [and still do]. Again now authors are suffering the penalty of envato being Australia-based. You have to reap both the rewards/penalties from being in the US, we can’t have only the penalties of being an Australia based company that handles its operations in the US.
  • Have a third party deposit payments to skrill on your behalf for an additional fee.
  • bitcoin.

I hope things turn for the best. And good luck to you all.