Important Changes To Our Exclusivity Policy


I am looking to start dropshipping pure sheep wool ugg boots and sell them online. Does this fall into the same Product Family or may I sell these fabolous uggboots on my website?



So I could also name that theme “X Recipes” and sell my own better version on my site and call it “Pro Recipes”? :wink:


LOL, this is what I meant :slight_smile:

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If it’s the same theme then probably not.
The Envato exclusivity doesn’t respect GPL in that sense - you can do whatever you want with your GPL code, but if you’re exclusive to Envato - you’re agreeing that you’re only distributing said piece of software on Envato.

However, technically, your “friend” or a “any stranger” can copy the theme and all its updates and distribute it on or any other site, as long as it doesn’t state anywhere that It’s related to your theme or a part of it. I think that in that sense nothing has really changed, but we’re talking deep dark gray area here and I don’t really see how that would be helpful to anyone, including your customers, Envato and even yourself (triple the work to maintain such a charade).

Yes, but if they warn you and you do not comply, either you get your account changed to non exclusive or your account gets removed from the Envato market. Remember, their terms give them the right to remove your account for no reason at all.

What about the items that have been deleted from TF (family related), can we resubmit them again? I do not wish to throw away all the HTML templates available on our website. I had no clue while doing that you will update the exclusive agreement terms. It’s not fair enough. It’s a very important question for most of the authors available here.

Hey @jamesgiroux,

I came across this point in the exclusivity policy

  1. If the core item itself is offered solely outside of Envato (either by the author or a third party), Envato authors may still offer add-ons for it exclusively via Envato, even if they would otherwise be considered part of a Product Family.

and it made me wonder…

What if the plugin can work without the theme i.e. it’s a standalone/core item, and the theme doesn’t work without the plugin i.e. the theme is essentially an add-on to the plugin? Can an author sell the theme exclusively on Envato while still offering the plugin outside of Envato without having to brand the plugin differently to the theme?

Would love if you could clarify this. Thanks!

Question : Does this also apply on SAAS products as well ? For example, we’re launching a live chat SAAS product which uses the theme branding, due to the very specific nature of our theme, the requirements for this type of chat is totally different than any regular chat service.

Question : I am guessing that the second part (extension) for this policy would involve that all item customisation must be done via Envato Studio for all exclusive items.

It’s not really possible to create a theme that doesn’t work without a plugin. That theme is going to be rejected. At the core - all themes are WordPress Blog themes, as long as your theme has that - it works.

Take WooCommerce for example. If you make a WooCommerce theme - the whole theme is essentially a WooCommerce addon, however, it’s also a WordPress theme that’s going to work without WooCommerce without a problem. If you create a theme that doesn’t work without WooCommerce plugin - it’s going to be automagically rejected.

According to the new policy, here’s one of the exceptions to exclusivity for items from the same Product Family (point number 3):

Envato authors are permitted to offer add-ons to their own exclusive core items both on Envato and/or their own personal website only.

If I’m selling a theme exclusively with Envato, I’m permitted to offer add-ons to the theme on my personal website. The exception to the policy clearly doesn’t stop me from offering the add-ons for free or for a price on my personal site.

This means I can sell a lite version of my theme on Envato and offer premium add-ons on my site. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Yea and defining adons… however if they see this as a no no in the policy they will change it.

Absolutely. But I’m curious what you mean by “sell a lite version of my theme”. Is there a non-lite version of the theme? Where are you selling that?

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Rejected items that are part of the same product family are now included in the exclusivity policy. They cannot be sold anywhere else.

Very Unfair decision!!!


This in part is why I didn’t go the exclusive route.


Awesome, Product Family.
Possibly, authors would never hate “Family” this much. :grimacing:

One of my friends, who has both non-exclusive & exclusive accounts (regarding the strategy & market for each type of CMS, HTML), is really in troubles.
Exclusive: WordPress
Non-Exclusive: others CMS, PSD, Joomla so he can utilize one design and also maximize his revenue by selling these on some other markets and his own site.

As per this policy, either he has to choose:

  1. remove all items here so he can sell on other marketplaces
  2. remove all items outside Envato and convert 2 accounts to exclusive to maximize author earning.

This is more complicate if you consider some more actual cases of partnership here.
Example: PSDs are sold under non-exclusive account as they will sell elsewhere as PSDs are giving designers so low earning these days. Should those designers have some partnership with some other exclusive authors, they have to switch to exclusive or the other partners cannot sell exclusively here.

So, Envato is on the purging procedure. You are here & exclusive all items OR go elsewhere.
I think we should change “Exclusive Authors” to something else (“Author with Exclusive Items”?) as this doesn’t make sense anymore. Should you choose to be Non-Exclusive authors, you cannot sell items that are sold under another exclusive account (partners, or your own accounts).

I & my team don’t have any plan to create themes to sell outside Envato or partner with anyone but this is really a pain to some of our buddies.


We are Exclusive Author and as a designer we sale rights like(WordPress, HTML and all other CMS) on just for Envato market not for any other market place or websites. My question is we are on right track or not?

Videohive question:
I sell a Titles pack on videohive,
I make new Titles pack I can sell other marketplace or not?

As long as you, and the person you sell the rights to, also follows the exclusivity rules.

Yes. As long as it’s not the same thing. Two different title packs wouldn’t be automatically classed as a family. If the content or the name is the same, then it probably would.

After chatting with our team about this (the one that worked on the changes to exclusivity) it comes down to a simplified starting point. We’ve not really authorized alternative distribution channels for exclusive items available on Market before. Opening up distribution through for themes (and a personal site for everything else) was decided as a simple straightforward way to get an extra channel for authors wanting to go down this path. We’re not ruling out a future where free items could appear on Envato but that’s likely way way off, if it ever does happen.

As an enhancement/service that doesn’t give the end user access to an exclusive item and doesn’t use the product family name, you should be fine.

You’re right and no one is saying that authors are wrong or bad for choosing to do things this way. What we’re saying is that in order to support the sustainability of the platform and continue to ensure that customers have a compelling reason to keep coming back, we need to adjust exclusivity to include product families.

The view we have to take at Envato is one of long term sustainability. We’re looking to make sure that authors can earn not just next month or next year but for many years to come. We need to do that in an industry that is constantly changing.

100% of zero is still zero and as with all the other decisions we make, it’s done with the long term interests of authors in mind even if it doesn’t always appear that way.


Great question! I bought my wife some Ugg boots the last time I was in Australia and she loved them. Make sure to keep the colors natural, the funky ones (at least to me) cheapen the whole ugg experience.

If you’ve got an item on a marketplace called Fabulous Ugg Boots (let’s say it’s a WordPres item) and you are an exclusive author and you choose to take that brand and put it on something we don’t currently sell (like Joomla or Drupal), you can do that on your own personal website without compromising your exclusivity (this is called a multiplatform port). You’ll need to let Envato know though, so that we can look into creating a space for your item type.

If Envato launches a kangarooboots marketplace (where you could sell your Joomla and Drupal Fabulous Ugg Boots items) you’ll have to plan to bring your items over to Envato in order to maintain your exclusivity.

You are correct although you cannot call your theme a ‘lite’ theme as there are no lite themes allowed on Envato. We don’t do ‘lite’ themes because each theme must be sufficiently different enough that they would be considered unique items by our reviewers.

That is in both the spirit and the letter of the exclusivity policy. Yes, you are doing what is expected of an exclusive author.

Well, that wraps up our active monitoring of this post. We won’t be watching the thread anymore but if you have any further questions, feel free to submit a ticket. Thanks!