Important Changes To Our Exclusivity Policy

Yeah, I’m sure it’s not intentional lie. It’s a just a typo … :smiley:

Kind of. You’ll stay exclusive if you’re exclusive, and you’ll stay non-exclusive if you’re non-exclusive… but if you’re selling or giving away items elsewhere (which are part of the same product family of an item you have on Envato)… then you’ll be expected to stop selling or giving that away elsewhere (with a few exceptions), or go non-exclusive.


Thanks mate! Thought so! Much appreciated! :slight_smile:

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We are selling some wp theme and were planing to release a maintenance service for non tech users ( Like install wp, plugin and theme update etc ,…) - Does that mean i cannot offer that anymore ?

Our theme features are copied by almost all our competitors - as soon as we are doing something new they just copy paste the code and voila( when you are going to do something about that ??? ) . We were thinking to release some of these featured under a Saas service . Does it mean we cannot do that anymore ???

You just cut the cord but Do you offer some technical way to let authors sell code as SAAS ?

Another question -

For example, authors of themes sold exclusively on Envato cannot authorize external developers to create add-ons for those themes and sell them outside Envato.

What happens with plugins like this - they develop 3rd party addons without theme owner consent. Me as an author i have send them an email saying remove the addon ?

This is a bit confusing for authors
A good opportunity for Envato to grow and to leave less money for other stocks
In long term this may be a decision that will bring more customers to the market
Only time will tell :slight_smile:

Time has already said: over the past 3 years, buying activity declined by 72% (the number of new items increased by 133%). During this time, the company introduced new changes, which so far have not led to anything good (for the Authors). Let’s face it, list any significant improvements over this time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a pessimist. No. I’m a realist, striving for the greatest possible justice anywhere.

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These statistics are based on Themeforest or on overall Envato market?


Does this apply on existing items or only on new items ?

ALL ITEMS, friend.
(Past / Present / Future)

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What if I create a different item (with different name, design, code, database structure…) but the same concept and sell it on my own site. Create ad-dons for it and sell them on my site too. The ad-dons for the second item won’t be compatible with the item on CodeCanyon. It’s not a variation of the same item or the same “family” they are just 2 different items with similar concept or functionalities.

I think it’s good for Envato, not us authors :smiley:
Luckily, we still be able to offer something on our own website and

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UPD: Find an answer by myself. ITbNvX1xVOY


I will be very interested to see in what way Envato handle this one.

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New rules introduced few hours back. Until November they’ve time.

Thank you, we all know about this, because like you read the new rules carefully.
The question is not about this, so we will wait for an official answer to be sure.

If I bought design right for a wordpress theme to create an opencart version if it, then the wordpress authors would have lost their exclusivity if I released it on


Doesn’t make sense to pop in every hour and answer the odd question here and there. Like all large announcements, they’ll monitor the thread, compile the questions and give a batch of answers every few days or once a week. It’s only been a day or so!

Which one? The whole topic?