Important Changes To Our Exclusivity Policy



Envato authors of WordPress themes and plugins are permitted to offer lite versions (a version with reduced/limited functionality) of their exclusive themes and plugins for free on wordpress org.


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after effects template and included (in it) footage are the one family products, arn’t it?


No changes to that policy. The exclusivity rules only come into play when you are selling an item here, you’re welcome to sell it however you like beforehand.

  1. No. That would be more of a genre, and the idea of the changes isn’t to stop people selling items of the same genre elsewhere. If you have a track called “That Hiphop” and one “That Hiphop (Dark Techno Gabba Remix)” then that would be one product family

  2. Correct… nothing to worry about if you only sell items here and never sell or give anything away anywhere else.


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So also I can remove track from my exclusive AJ and sell it outside after this. Correct me if I’m wrong.


This change only benefits Envato. Can the authors get something in return, such as you to stop advertising Elements on our product pages?

Or perhaps a better % from sales. Even with exclusivity, I make 45-50% from my JS projects and 38-45% from my WP projects. I think that’s a really bad deal, especially for being exclusive.

Meanwhile, Envato takes a big cut from every single sale on the marketplace, expands to the US, advertizes Elements on our product pages and tells us how good this all is for us.

In the recent years, the authors seem to have been worse and worse while Envato better and better. Why is that? Is it because you exploit, profit and give little in return? How long do you think this model will last before it collapses?


No correction required!


Talking about exclusivity, when do fees go down and the percentage of authors increases, based on its exclusiveness?!
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The author’s fee is reduced every time you generate a total sales value of $3,750


Why can’t we offer add-on items through!? I just condensed one of my plugins to make a simpler settings page for the average user. The extra (optional) features were going to be offered as add-ons for the users who might need it. I don’t like putting out plugins without automatic updates, but I also can’t manage them through my own website, it’s a data usage nightmare. Why can we offer ‘lite’ versions but not add-ons?

Quite frankly I’d offer it through your marketplace, I don’t care, but ‘free’ items don’t really seem possible unless promotional by Envato. Are you going to change that sometime? I’m happy to host it here for free but only if I’m not paying to do it as I make no profit…


WordPress theme and plugin authors can offer lite version of their themes and plugins on but is it also allowed to offer the lite version of items on author’s own website?


I’ve a clear question. I’ve a Joomla version of an item, can I sell the HTML version to other marketplace.


No. It’s essentially the same item, just in a different format… so it would be classed as part of the same product family.




why you don’t make the exclusivity by item and not by author? so this make live easier


Right. But they are saying : Historically, our exclusivity policy has been item based


Yes, they say this but Historically this is not correct :slight_smile: id don’t know @jamesgiroux from where they get this info, and if it’s like this hope if can someone explain how we can add or remove the exclusivity fro a specific item


The section has been updated. It was kind of accurate, but caused confusion due to the choice of wording. It meant that historically, (when it comes to exclusive authors) your items have been exclusive, but you’re welcome to sell other items elsewhere. I.e. by going exclusive, it doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to sell stuff elsewhere… not that exclusivity or non-exclusivity is on a per item basis. It’s a bit clearer now.


This is a bit confusing. If existing add-ons being sold elsewhere or free on for the exclusive item of envato, how do we expect the add-on developer to take down the item just because Envato policy has changed? The external developer has nothing to do with Envato policy, right?

Or Envato will be sending DMCA to all those after 1st November 2017 ?

Please advise.