Important changes to Elements Content Bonus

Of course there is a way, they just don’t want to take a part of their 50% of revenue to invest. They want OUR PART of it. lol


That is, initially you did not understand where everything was going? You wanted to earn more, I hope you did. Soon, you will probably be replaced by neural networks, based on your own work and with your own participation. lol

Maybe it’s right time to bring back @collis in the game :slightly_smiling_face:
To be honest while he was CEO everything was awesome, from earnings to buyers, staff etc…

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Apparently this has been his masterplan since the beginning, it s been his choice to step down and hand the company to someone else.
Did he care about the future of the community when he left? Not at all.

He’s probably sipping pina coladas under palm trees, wearing an hawaiian shirt, sunglasses and crocs… he doesnt even remember that we exist :joy:

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… ahhh… 2 years since we’ve turned into a B Corp,
can we go back to being an A Corp?


I’m not sure, he is still here trust me :slightly_smiling_face:

This is actually a good choice, instead of “giving bonus to something/somebody” we’re now getting back funds for let’s say “Envato Market Campaigns” which is great IMHO


For the first time, I was soo mad about the situation. However, Envato gives me a great side income for our family. Hope you’ll use that money for more relevant ads to provide more downloads to all of us. Only the future shows up.

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First: many thanks on positive outcome, income from Content bonus, Envato! Your scheme was one of best and still is one of best, regarding subscription model. I spread this word else where, on else forums, etc.
Thank you once again for Bonus!

Content bonus has lately been small. So, it won’t affect me much. But it does affect A LOT!!! - having 30% tax.
There is 0.0 interest in Envato to solve this problem - I should, guess so, move to another more friendly country, shouldn’t I?
Take care all!



Agree.He didn’t watch us from above silently,he was more like one of us.Also,Mark Brothuber was great VH manager.Awesome times.