Important changes to Elements Content Bonus

All I’m saying is that you chose to accept this lousy deal. If you don’t want to “almost give your music away for free”, you are free to not do so.

As long as authors keep accepting ever worse deals, Envato will keep on squeezing.


It’s a bad decision for all authors. I don’t create anything until content bonus bring back . There is no value of our hardwork contents.

“Digital Juice” animations were the leader in digital content market ,they lost their market and closed their office coz they started reducing the salary of their creative people for making more profit. As the result a number of creative people joined as authors in envato from digital juice animations and they played a great role in videohive’s success. Nowadays opening a website and selling files online is not a big thing. If another group of people come with more creative items and with better offers to buyers,Then Envato will also gonna face the same issue…its not so far…If every day a hen is laying golden egg then try to save the hen please dont try to get more eggs by killing the hen and searching inside its stomach…


Not for nothing, but we didn’t CHOOSE to accept this deal. It was forced upon us.

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You missed my point.

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you’re implying that individuals like us have the same power as a corporation like envato, and I’m afraid that’s not how it works unfortunately


We are doom… another marketplace bite the dust….
Cheers everyone🍻

Envato - I have more or less gone through the whole stream of comments and I can see the point you guys are making but I think literally 90% or more authors are going to get affected by this move in a negative way. I have made a living from this platform so I can only request that there has to be a better way to work things out and not remove the content bonus system.
Hope Content Bonus Stays. Cheers!


This is really sad that the Elements content bonus has just gone. :slightly_frowning_face:

We can get over it in just months and adapt to the current situation and I hope it does not exceed beyond that to find out a way to squeeze authors to bring more new content to Elements after cutting out the bonus where cutting the bonus will lower the new contents to Elements

Good luck to both of us Envato and the authors, we are on the same ship and I hope the captain doesn’t drown us all. I still believe that Envato cares about its authors.


Let me make a summary: we have reached item number we had targeted, so we dont need to give you more money anymore. All the rest is just fancy words. :slight_smile:


Look at the whole picture with Envato platforms… do you think Envato cares what happens to the authors on Market? Not at all, already takes away traffic with aggressive banners to Elements (they don’t care at all how much the author has invested to bring traffic to his site).
Why would the situation be different on Elements, today this tomorrow will be something else and always authors pay the price.
Today all large corporations look only at their own profit and this Envato is not authors friendly as a few years ago.


it’s very simple, we used to put out more work to support the bonus and get x3. And now we will be putting out more work to restore income without a bonus :laughing:

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That is why you should gradually stop making the new content and enjoy residual income. Move your precious energy to more rewarding work. Stock sounds accordant to livestock nowdays :slight_smile:


“I am not even saying about crazy australian 30% tax which i have to pay here.”

“So now that you’ve paid us to grow YOUR library, and you’re happy with how much it has grown you feel comfortable taking that payment away. I feel used. This feel like a bait and switch.”

“Why should I continue to upload to Elements when the bonus stops? The bonus is what keeps me uploading regularly.”

“Wise decision to finally make us not upload more products. First our products rejected all the time and now cut our earnings. Clear and concise”

They speak for me. I see no reason to upload anymore. For sure, going to upload somewhere else. This is how amazing solutions become obsolete and loose the market.


Of course there is a way, they just don’t want to take a part of their 50% of revenue to invest. They want OUR PART of it. lol


That is, initially you did not understand where everything was going? You wanted to earn more, I hope you did. Soon, you will probably be replaced by neural networks, based on your own work and with your own participation. lol

Maybe it’s right time to bring back @collis in the game :slightly_smiling_face:
To be honest while he was CEO everything was awesome, from earnings to buyers, staff etc…

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Apparently this has been his masterplan since the beginning, it s been his choice to step down and hand the company to someone else.
Did he care about the future of the community when he left? Not at all.

He’s probably sipping pina coladas under palm trees, wearing an hawaiian shirt, sunglasses and crocs… he doesnt even remember that we exist :joy:

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… ahhh… 2 years since we’ve turned into a B Corp,
can we go back to being an A Corp?


I’m not sure, he is still here trust me :slightly_smiling_face: