Important Changes for Non-US Authors/Affiliates/Service Providers

TIN for EU countries

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Hi, guys. Why should I pay US taxes if I pay local Taxes? You have company in USA, not me.


Because they treat us as “Direct sellers” and officialy we’re the ones who selling here, not Envato :smiley:

Ahh… everything will be sooooo simple if Envato will act as a Seller (which is the fact btw.), all what we need to do is creating new items, Envato sells them, we send them one invoice a month and this is it… but no, Envato needs to complicate things!


Envato takes the majority of the share of the sale, so they should be treated as the sellers and not authors, I think this is not a difficult thing to argue. The minute Envato sets foot on US soil they should have complaints filed in the Better Business Bureau on this.


ITEM PRICE should go like this for the purchases from the USA…:



Hello @natman

Hope I’ll get a reply :smile: Here are my doubts.

  1. The post says you will implement this from January 2016. But a Financial year starts on April. You also says that will provide a form in March 2017. If you are about to make this happen on jan 2016, Aren’t we eligible to receive that form for 3 months on March 2016 ?

  2. Once I filled the form, (I’m from India and the treaty rate is 15%) Will you deduct 15% yourself and pay to IRS from the US customer? or do we have to do anything about this? when will it happen? Are we able to see the same in statements?

  3. From what rate 15% is calculated? if an item price is $100 and we will earn $60 as per this page So the 15% should be taken from this price right? If its $80, why I should pay tax for earnings to envato? So, you have to refund a % to us. right?

  4. The US tax is applicable for US buyers only. So, I have 3 sales, and 1 is from US and 2 is from others. Whether I should pay tax for the other 2, in my country right? If so, do you provide any additional form, with a total amount with Non US sales?

  5. Is there any option available for us to pay Tax rather than paying tax in US. I feel non-sense to pay the tax to other country instead of paying to the living country. How the country will develop then?

  6. Even if the tax treaty is 15% in india, Can I state that its 0% and pay tax here. And the end of each year I can provide a form to envato that you can submit to IRS?

  7. As many of us are either freelancer or business. As per my country, There are certain rules applicable where we can deduct our expenses, hosting charges and any other expenses. After deducting those, the final amount is called income or profit. So why we should pay tax for the complete amount?

  8. Why don’t you collect tax for US buyers extra from the list price? We are already selling on a low price. However for a buyer 15% of $17 template will be $2.5, that’s just a price of cup of coffee for them. But for us, we can eat for a full day.

  9. The post says envato will give some kind of form to Paypal to prevent double reporting. is there anything similar for Payoneer? or isn’t that applicable?

  10. there are more to come as we get in to it…

Natman, Can I get a reply? (only 9 questions)


I hope so because treating us as Direct Sellers is completely wrong.


Thanks. Confirmed from the first round of Q&A. Tax will be applied to the Item Price.

Exclusive authors will get TAX_PERCENTAGE (0% to 30%) less than their Item Price (regardless of the author fee percentage), whenever a US buyer buy their item after January, 2016.

Ref: Important Changes for Non-US Authors/Affiliates/Service Providers

cc @CreativeMilk

Make it happen!


Is there any change on withdrawal method ? We are talking only about Paypal but many many authors get paid with payoneer specially in asia and africa. What about Payoneer ???


We already confirmed our country, is not much easier just to subtract the “american percentage” from our sales in the US without all those nonsense?

Can someone answer this:

“Withdrawals will only be processed to the nominated account holder payment details and the country must match the one on the completed W-8 or W-9 form.”

So if i don’t complete W-8 form i can’t withdraw money?

On this market authors aren’t the direct sellers but Envato. So how envato can imply the tax on authors head.
Even if you say authors are the direct sellers, then we have the right to apply that tax percentage to the final bill of the buyers invoice, right? Can we have that option?


exactly! If I am the direct seller, then it’s up to me to sell my item for 100 USD or 1 USD. I should decide if US citizens are allowed to buy my items and certainly decide if they should pay for THEIR taxes.


Can someone explain how much EU buyer will pay for product which today cost 10$?

Now I must pay 10$ + VAT = 12$. How it will be look from January?

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There is no change for buyers.

@Bedros Is the TAX going to be deducted from the LIST Price “the one shown on the items page”, or after envato takes its share from that price ??

So when there is no change for buyers why it is bad information for sellers? Taxes are paid one time (so why Seller and Buyer will pay together?)

My country didn’t signed treaty with USA, so I will lose 30% of most of my (US) sales, great, …