IMPORTANT! An Indian TV channel claiming ownership over one of my tracks! What to do?

Thanks guys…I will calm down now as my blood is boiling. I can’t find words to express my frustration. It’s so ridiculously sad…

But there is one strange thing here:

As a test, I uploaded the same “1min test video” (with the track that is the cause of all this nightmare) on YT, FB and IG. Only on IG that the blocking is happening. YT and FB seems to be ok. Why is that? I have no idea

ContentID is a Youtube thing only. Facebook has Content Manager (I think), I thought Instagram was using the same tool as their parent company, but maybe they don’t.

Edit: It’s Rights Manager for Facebook, and Insta is supposedly using the same tool indeed.

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oh I see…I thought that Content ID was a online universal fingerprint that would protect us everywhere. I didn’t know it was only used for YT.

+1 for @PurpleFog

  1. Contact Instagram related CID to free your track. Google>Instagram Content Identification

I have found info that Facebook Right Manager uses:
“Now, Facebook is directly integrating Rights Manager with services from three third-party providers — Zefr, Friend MTS, and MarkMonitor — to provide new options to automate such tasks. Facebook says the partners will be activated over the coming months.”

  1. Contact Lawyer to check if it’s profitable to sue Indian TV. I believe Yes. Think how much cash you have potentially lost and multiply by three.

  2. Register track with CID and PRO.

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Thank you so much @RedOctopus! I will contact IG right now

What about your blocked video, did you receive a copyright notice? Is there the claimant’s name?

I think you should contact third party CID assets providers like probably Zefr, Friend MTS, and MarkMonitor — to find which one registered your track.

Though make a research in google if they are also actual Instagram third party CID providers. I found them in the article about facebook from few months ago, I am not sure if they work with Instagram.

ok I will do

As i know Identifyy works not only with YouTube:
Identifyy is the easiest way to upload your content and get monetizing on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram” - from their official site!

You are right, but Identifyy is a third-party that is a partner to both ContentID (YouTube) and Rights Manager (Facebook), owned by Google and Facebook respectively.

To everyone in this thread, thank you so much for all the help so far! Gonna go for a walk now to relax a bit! Tomorrow I will take action on this and will keep you all updated on the progress. Again, my main goal in sharing this case is to 1)get some advice from you guys (sure!) but 2)also help other AJ authors in the future. Cheers guys! you are the best!


Good luck man, we’re all supporting you to the end!

Let us know about the progress.

Good luck dude, hope it’s an honest mistake and not someone stealing your work

Hi all,

ok…I have submitted a report to IG. Explained the case. Then I got an email saying that they have received it, so all good. However, in the report I couldn’t provide a link URL of the video violating my copyrighted music. Simply because I don’t know the exact video that is using my track. As I said, the message I got when my “test video” was blocked was simply “Your video was blocked because it may contain content owned by MediaoneTV”. That’s all I know.

Then I got another email from IG asking again to provide the link of the video in order to proceed with the case. I wrote another explanation to the IG staff…

Then I spent the last 10 minutes trying to find the video in their IG accounts. but I stopped becasue this is ridiculous! There are hundreds and hundreds of posts!

is there any way I can’t get this information?

oh, I also applied to use the “Rights Manager” tool on facebook. I am now waiting to be approved. I recommend you all do too and read this:

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DMCA the website

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thanks @mratom73… but I already know their website. that’s how i got the email address of the person I was in contact with. What I meant is that I don’t know what video is using my track so I can’t find the URL

Oh, so you haven’t actually seen the video with your track in it? Then, might this be a false positive? I once uploaded my own instrumental composition to YouTube, and the video was blocked, because it was ID’ed as a song by… Beyonce!! :rofl:

So this might also be just a glitch in the IG system?

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