import error revsliders/

After importing the full CasaMia demo, I’m receiving the following message in place of a slider that should show on my webpage:

Import demo data

Revolution Slider

Errors that occurred during the import process:

Revolution Slider “revsliders/” import error.

Can someone help? I would really like to import the slider shown in the demo rather than creating an entirely new slider.

Can you share any specific error messages that you’re receiving when you try to import? Or perhaps a screenshot?

Revolution Slider “revsliders/” import error.

If that’s the only message you see, then unfortunately it doesn’t contain enough information for anyone to be able to help you. :frowning:

I suppose you can try to unzip and then re-zip the contents of that file. This might help if your server is having issues reading the file.

Otherwise, you will probably need to either see if your web host can help, or set up the slider manually.

seems to me you didn’t install Revolution Slider plugin before import the slider/demo.

it is installed and activated

You can try leaving a comment on the theme here to see if the author has any idea what might be wrong:

But do understand that they are not required to give you any support unless you buy a license directly from ThemeForest.

ok thans to all :slight_smile:

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