Imperial Logo Template, has been rejected‏ ?

Hi all …
I worked very hard at making this logo
I spent more than 3 days working on it
According to what I read in the forum here
Then came the rejection
I was disappointed
I received this message from our quality team
Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Imperial Logo Template” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

What do you think is wrong?

Thank you …

For me looks like a random shape. Doesn’t have the imperial grandeur.

Thank you … Do you have other suggestions?

i think that there is much more to say than just this indeed …

hi well if u want a more detailed review here we go …

the logo in a general way looks too bold … it looks as if u were drawing shapes and that u added a large stroke around right now and this is definitely not compatible with the luxury appearance and style that u were seemingly expecting to reach …

u made a lethal mistake as well as the tagline is missing and this alone here , in this category can lead u to be hard rejected as for i know …

besides , as u are failing to provide with a tagline as expected, this makes your typo look too flat … and the typo is definitely not super original already so when u put two on two together , once more u have a “lethal mistake” for here that more or less guarantied u not to be able to make it for sale …

some color combinations are definitely not a good choice as such and end up having u violating a basic design principle : contrast … as u fail to have enough color difference between the background and elements colors, so that the text part is hard to read and the whole thing is not popping out enough …

finally , u included a horizontal version but quite frankly the positioning of elements and the harmony of it are not optimized to say the least …

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thank you
Excuse me what do you mean by this phrase?
the tagline is missing
Do you have an example?

hi normally u have a small description under the main name, this is smaller , where u can put a slogan or whatever … if u do some logo for a company as a freelancer or in agency this is not necessarily required but here this is … and if u do not have it , u can be sure that u are not going to be able to make it with your item …

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I’ll try to make a new logo …
Or develop this logo
Will it be accepted if modified? Or is the rejection final?

hi buddy all i can say and be 100% sure of is that u “need to bring substantial changes to the logo” to be able to resubmit again here … lol

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thank you

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u are welcome buddy, if u have enough clue, feel free to check the "solution"box, thanks

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It looks like an alien from Futurama :rofl: :wink:

u are definitely very creative and have a real imagination lol

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Logos need to be legible at every size. The graphic is too complicated to be clear. A good logo is simple and yet captures something of the essence of the company/product. A simple stylized crown or a throne ?