Impact Radius - is it easy to work with?

I don’t see clickthrough information on Impact Radius affiliate interface. And it seems to be very inconvenient to use in general. The information isn’t easy to work with. Does anybody have the same problems with new affiliate interface?

Hello @rgba_design

No it is very easy to use you can check video

If any issue check this topic: New Market affiliate program has launched!! 🚀

Thanks :slight_smile:

They don’t show clickthroughs for the old referral links, only for the new Impact ones. Maybe that’s your issue here?

Thanks for the info, @anon76595093 )

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I see, ok, @PurpleFogSound, thanks for the info.

You need to link your old Envato affiliate format (?username) to new affiliate format at Impact to have the full analytics.

I don’t think that’s true. Linking your old account allows you to retain referral cuts for your old links, but you don’t get analytics for those.

thanks @PurpleFogSound
Yes that’s correct, linking your old account will allow you to continue earnings using the old link but to get full analytics you will need to use create Impact links. Check out this video to learn how!