Impact radius does not update to envato affiliates




Before sometime envato has launched a new affiliate program ‘Impact Radius’.

It looks like that Impact Radius data is not reflecting to envato affiliates. Please refer below screenshot

As you can see there are total 14 records means 14 person has been converted to envato customer right? But my affiliate badge is still at one level. It should be 2 level right?

I am not sure it is a bug or not.

I am using Impact radius shorten link on my affiliate page.

I hope you will assist in this.

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You can contact @emile_b hope he can help you out from your issue.



@infornweb thanks for your message.
Yes in fact the affiliate badges were stopped at the same time the migration happened. This migration’s main purpose was to allow affiliates the tools, reporting and support to scale their affiliate efforts, which has worked well so far!
Let me know if you have any other comments/questions


@emile_b what is the point of still having the badges on profiles then?


That’s why they are being removed, as there is no point any longer.
Once we have an ETA on when this will be, an update will be provided.
Thanks @vystina


Ah right wasn’t aware of that. Thanks for updating.


Thanks for your response @emile_b