Immediate Decline upon submission

Hey everyone,

I’ve just submitted a theme which I put quite a bit of work into. It’s quite a complicated theme too - and comes with a bunch of different visual composer elements, visual composer included, etc. I also think it looks pretty good too.

The demo is here -

I’ve been told I can’t submit it again as it doesn’t meet the quality expectations. I’m a bit confused by this - I’ve submitted themes here in the past that have been technically much worse, and actually much uglier than the theme I have prepared. The theme was also immediately declined - literally within 30mins to 1hr on a Sunday (fastest review I’ve ever had on Theme Forest).

Is this some kind of mistake? I can’t help but feel it is at least in the same category as other themes submitted on the site - and is highly customizable. Every colour, font, etc can be changed, and it has 15-20 visual composer elements, as well as support for ‘most popular’ posts, etc. If there is a technical fault - I can surely fix it.


Can’t comment on the design even though I am not particularly fond of it however, since design is subjective, what got me is that there is too much css jitter on animation. Page is pretty jumpy as I scroll :frowning:

Animation are not perfect.

Spacing and alignment issues. Make sure that all elements are aligned properly and spacing is consistent from section to section.