Images Render Momentarily then disappear

Bear with me as I am a complete noob to this. I had a working site and then tried to upgrade. My site has ALOT of plugins, most of which may not even be being used now, as the site was chopped down for various reasons. I am using the Avada theme, and on my home page, I have a series of images that used to be in a rastering slideshow, but now when I go to the home page, the mages show up as a gallery momentarily and then just disappear, leaving only some underlying text showing. Ive checked the page ‘homepage’ to try to understand how the page is set up, and from what I can tell, there is a gallery definition that references a bunch of images. The page is available as can anyone give me a pointer as to how to address this issue. Ive already reinstalled both wordpress, plugin and theme files multiple times. I do have both command line and ftp access and generally use firefx.

Hi @slam9345,

Welcome to the forums! It’s kinda difficult to tell where the problem is. Console reports missing images, but since you’ve reintalled everything already, clearing cache won’t help, probably.

Have you checked if everything works properly before installing/activating all the plugins? There may be a conflict between a plugin and Avada theme.

This is from official Avada support forum:

  1. Do not leave older copies of the theme in WP themes folder (completely remove all previous Avada theme folders before adding the new updated theme folder). Else, we end up with WP path issues, etc.

  2. Clear browser and any plugin caching systems after updating the theme.

If you still encounter any problems, please contact Avada authors for support:


So, I do have a few different wordpress sites on the server, but for this particular site, there is only one set of files, it was a new install into a clean folder. Additionally, the issue arises without any plug-ins activated. (It is conceivable I may actually NEED a plugin for it, but I dont think so. I believe the intent for this scope is to use the code native to the theme as referenced by the ‘gallery’ code on the homepage. I suspect it is something simple, as I am not that familiar with all of this, but just dont know.

Unless you really want to resolve it on your own, Avada support team should be glad to provide you with some help :slight_smile: