Images Not Showing on Item Page

Hello, I noticed images are not showing up on my items page:

It only seems to be happening to images that are hosted on my web server:

Does anyone know what might be the cause? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Now I use for my pictures and it works fine.
First I used dropbox, but one day all my images stop working. With photobucket I haven’t any problems.

I did it exactly like @LuckyBlackCat explained to you ! Good luck dude !

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I use I do not have problems at all !!!

Photobucket seems to be having glitch lately, Can’t see some of my pics! Do you guys have the same problem?

I had a similar problem only my images were on my own server. The issue was resolved after a few days. I would wait before going through the hassle of updating all my items.

@AllenGrey working fine. :slight_smile: