Images for preview



Hi guys,
we want to buy some images for the theme preview ( products, banner, slider, screenchot … )
what’s the best images stock ??
and which license must be chosen ?? regular or extended ??
and we can edit & modify these images and include it in banners ??

best ragards :slight_smile:


please help :slight_smile:


For your preview you can get photos from wherever you want because just you have the preview in your website. To buyer, you send the template with placeholders. It’s not a must to buy photos, buut photodune has good photos, but the best can be found in . Also, for free images I recommend flickr, unsplash or sometimes tumblr, depends what you search (be careful at tags on tumblr or you will sleep a week with your eyes open ).


thank you so much for your reply :slight_smile:
that’s good, we can buy images and do whatever we want exept including it in the theme for buyer ??


Hm, you can. It depends. If those photos are necessary for theme, buy with commercial license. But if they are optional and buyers can replace them, I think it’s an useless investition.