Images downloaded from Envato without declaring projects name?

Hi all,

I think I have done a small mistake and downloaded image under no-named projects i.e. my project names are images, PPT, wordpress, themes, fonts etc. Now how I can use them in my websites.

Please help, all replies would be highly appreciated.

best, Shiv


Hope this will hep you about your concern:
Each time you download an item from elements, you get an ongoing license for a single, specified use. If you want to use an item again then visit your downloads and simply register it again for a different end use.

Worth mentioning also that you cannot stockpile items (store for the future) from elements.
You need to be subscribed when competing the project.


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Thanks for the prompt reply. I really appreciate.
Is it necessary to mention the name of website as project, while downloading any image?

Honestly, I have downloaded a bunch of images that I will use in the upcoming month.
Please explain the term “project” (is it the website name? )

best, Shiv

I think Project mean your end product where you are going to use the download item.
If you are not stil clear then please submit a Support Ticket at Elements:
Elements Support and let them know. Support team will be very happy to assist you. Thanks

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