Images Copyright Questions ?



Hi, I want to know that
1.can I use product images from amazon or official sites to make e-commerce WordPress Demos
2.can I use news images to make magazine WordPress Demos

if I can’t , I want to know how authors of e-commerce and magazine WordPress themes get their demos images. I can’t find high quality images at free image website even stock image websites don’t have the images that are fit for my need.

Can you guy answer my question and give me some suggestions, thanks!!!


You can use anything that you have permission to use. So you need to have a license to use the image, or the image needs to be in the public domain. Most images on Amazon, or on news sites, probably won’t be in the public domain. Not sure where everyone else gets their images from though, hopefully someone will pop along shortly with an answer.


I sell actions, so I need quite a lot images :wink: I take them from pexels, pixabay and I buy some on photodune.