Images appearing with a gray filter (Consulting Melbourne Theme)

I bought the theme Consulting, and I am using the Demo Melbourne to construct my site, so, I had a problem, I can’t use colored images, I can post a colored images, they even show up colored when I click in the options to vizualize, but after I enter in my site, all them appears in a grey filter, I can post the background color and the text color in colored, but the images no.

I tested the other Demos, but I believe that this Demo (Melbourne ) is unique Demo that I had have this problem.

Someone can help me?

My site:

This image and the images of all productis of site shoud have colors, you can look, that the background and the texts are colored, but the image no.

Thanks Again!


This has maintained by css for that specific theme. So, for removing that you have to add the following css into your theme css:

img {
    filter: none !important;

The above css will fix your issue.


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Thanks very very much mgscoder! It resolved an big problem of me!

Really Thanks!

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