Images and galleries in Wordpress doesn't open in a box anymore

Hey there,

After I’ve smushed my images, the images in my articles won’t open as before.
When I clicked on an image or a gallery, they used to appear in the default smooth box that display them… unfortunately this doesn’t happen anymore and they literally open themselves in the article I was reading. It is not what I want, it’s a pain so far.

Any clue please? :slight_smile:

Most probably there is a conflict within plugins or js scripts from your theme or plugins.

###Disable all plugins one by one
Try to disable plugins one-by-one and check if that lightbox works as it did before. The idea is to see what plugins causes the conflict, then remove or replace it.

###Check your theme’s custom js scripts
If you added any js scripts inside your theme try to comment or remove them. Then check if the problem is solved.

###Check the console of your browser
As I said in the title check the console of your browser to see if any js errors are returned. Check this article on Using Your Browser to Diagnose JavaScript Errors

Please let me know the results.

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I’ve been able to workaround the issue by installing a plugin.
Thanks for your support. We’ll check the JS error later on.

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Nice to hear that.