Image Viewer/Downloader from Database


I am looking for a solution that will allow me to display images (of food) from a database, show the pertinent information (name, category, size, weight, etc) and allow the user to download the image. It needs to be super simple:

Login (pre-created by admin, no public registration allowed)
View/Search Images (Search by name, category, brand, any of the fields in the DB for each image)
Download Image(s) (Download 1 image found, or check boxes for downloading multiples or all found in search - creates a zip that is downloaded)

The database will have 500,000 + records.
Users will NOT be uploading images (only downloading).
Some images will be grouped together (The main image might be 12345 and grouped images would be 12345.1, 12345.2, 12345.3) (If 12345 is selected for download, all associated images with it would be downloaded too) (In the front end, only the main image would show, then if you clicked on it to view the 1 record, the other 3 would show below it as grouped)