Image Upload > Crop, Edit, Resize > Save New Output

Hi Guys,

Im wanting a script or some code that will allow an image to be uploaded, cropped to a fixed ratio size, edited maybe but not crucial then the cropped image saved to a simple user area where the user can go back and get the image they edited?

Something like this that I made

Edit: or like this something very simular to what Im after.

But it isnt exactly how I want it, I want the image at the end to be saved some how where the user can log back in and get it.

And I also want to do other fixed ratio sizes like for the iPhone so users can upload their own images and resize for thier iPhone or PSP


Anything close in there:

No nothing there I can use. Some nearly did, probably would need a Dev to have a look at it

If you contact me via my profile page I can give you a quote for a project like this?

Let me know. :slight_smile: