Image rendering problem

Hello everyone,
I exported my Demo Content from Tanda – Elementor Version – Just another WordPress site and set the files in functions.php, So When I installed my theme in localhost and Imported Demo Data, Everything works fine but when I visited the site and Viewed My Page Source, The Image rendering from Tanda – Elementor Version – Just another WordPress site and not from http://localhost:8888/. Also, I tested this on a live site, I imported the demo data in and image renders from Tanda – Elementor Version – Just another WordPress site

How to Fix this ?

Sounds like self-promoting?

@ki-themes There is no intention to promote here. My hosting got deactivated due to over-usage of the resource

Check log errors:

We found that many images are rendering from our server to our client’s sites, We hope some people on this forum may help us. I have asked my fellow authors and they use the same method for demo import and the same issue is there in their themes also.

We believe in learning things from the community like Envato.

Mohamed Ahshan

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You have used same links over and over, it sounded/looked like a self-promoted item.
Apparently, it’s not… My bad…

You should’ve explained the situation like this. Anyway:

  • The issue is related to the demo data that you have included to the theme. For the images you’re using, you can just replace the https:// links with http://
    That should do the trick and help you.

  • If it’s not, you may need to use dumb data. Upload some small image file ( 3-5kb ) to the server and replace the current images on the demo data with the empty ones. Add the images to the “Download ZIP” so the buyers could replace it with the current ( empty ) ones if you don’t want to deal with them, too.

  • Change the permissions for the images ( read only )

  • If still not helping, you may need to find another hosting with less striction and more data usage. You may end up paying extra $$ monthly.

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