Image Elevator plugin for WordPress by OnePress

There once was a great plugin for WordPress called Image Elevator. It lets you paste an image from the clipboard into the WP editor, and then automatically converts it to a Media Item. The free version was on WordPress for years. (Not a huge number of download, mysterious to me, as it is something so obvious that it should be in WP core.) The Pro version does a better job of naming the file and also saves as a JPG instead of PNG-only. However, both versions have disappeared from WP Plugins and Envato.

Here is what it used to be:

The company that made it doesn’t seem to be around,

So, is there a replacement for this very useful plugin?

Here is the description of it:

Have you wondered how many steps you need to do for adding an image into a wordpress post? For example, a screen snapshot? Or a region from Photoshop? Or a photo somewhere on your hard disk?

We bet you could add images more often and make your content more attractive if it doesn’t take so many time! If you write tutorials, reviews, news or just articles with a lot of photos, the Image Elevator plugin has been made exactly made for you.

Image Elevator for WordPress allows you to paste images into the post editor directly from clipboard ! In other words, you can paste images directly from your favorite graphical editors or from any screen capture programs. Just copy & paste . What’s more you can rename and compress images after pasting.

If you write tutorial articles illustrated with screenshots, you know that making, processing, saving, uploading all these screenshots take a lot of time. With Image Elevator, you can make screenshots and paste them directly into the post editor in just matter of seconds!

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