image carousel and masonry media grid slow download

Hi I noticed that image carousel and masonry media grid are very slow to be dowladed when i access my website, instead single images are quite fast. Could you please help me solve this?

You can see

Your whole site is very slow you have 0/100 on Google speed test
You have old version of Wordpress. I dont know what Template are you using but and that template is very slow.

Hi Zaccc, thank you for your reply.
You tested the page I linked ( and I know it’s very slow. But the homepage ( is not so slow because has only images and not carousel or masonry grid.
Ok the google pagespeed, but if you open the page I linked you can see how text and “normal” images are downloaded quite fast, while the carousel and the masonry grid take a lot of time. There is a huge time difference between images and carousel/masonry grid.
The template is Marketing Pro - Themeforest

Hi @metrondigitalmarketi

You have same thing

It is same version of WP same server template etc. My advice is to change hosting , update WP , plugins and other things.
And change design it is looking little outdated and not professional for digital agency.

This template is taken from