[iMac] What is the video record software you are using for your item promotion?

Hi all,

I am new to Mac user, and I am looking for a screen record software for displaying my item,
I hope it with a great enhanced mouse click effect feature, so that visitors can see what is going on in the video.

I know there are a lot of software for Mac, but they are not cheap :expressionless:

Most Mac screen recorders do not provide enhanced mouse click feature, the only workable option that I know is Apowersoft Mac Screen Recorder, you can find more information from the second option introduced here. https://showmore.com/record-macos-sierra-screen.html

Btw, you can also try QuickTime, but I am not sure whether it offers such feature. Also note that QuickTime requires using additional visual sound card ( such as Soundflower) for recording audio from computer sound.