I'm sorry but this support licence set-up is a total joke

I’ve been a customer since 2011 and spent a lot of money on here but I am so sick of this BS support structure that has been introduced the last 2 or however many years. Yea I have been close to writing this for ages but today was the straw that broke the camels back, legs neck and everything else.

Scenario 1. Bob buys a plugin. Bob knows nothing about wordpress. Bob hits up support 32 times in the first 4 months with every question you could think of. But after 4 months Bob is an expert and understands how it works now and goes about building the world crappy websites that 2003 regularly ring about and want back.

Scenario 2. Jenny buys a plugin. She installs it and everything is cool. She recommends it to everyone she knows coz it is good. 16 months after purchasing, Jenny runs into an issue she is unable to solve on her own. So she goes to Envato to find the plugin devs details only to be told her support has expired and she will need to pay $16 if she wants help with her issue. The whole plugin only cost $30. Jenny is screwed. She either pays or she doesn’t get it fixed. Jenny doesn’t feel so good about the plugin dev now and blasts the **** out of him. He is sorry but he is bound by the agreement he has locked in with Envato and there is nothing that can be done.

THIS IS THE DUMBEST BUSINESS MODEL OF ALL TIME!!! It embarrasses me that this company is Australian coz it makes us all look like a bunch of stupid ****s!

Do i even need to spell it out? Support should be free…it’s called looking after your customers with good service but if you must be greedy p**ks and double dip away clearly the system needs to be you get X number of support requests included when you buy it and when that runs out you can buy more and they never expire time wise!

Now it is fair for everyone. The customers and the devs supporting their product. How could you not work this out or is my method not greedy enough for you?

It makes me sick to see how blatantly you screw people over. If you buy a plugin from Envato make sure any issues you have with it happen in the first 6 months. Total Joke!

/end rant

p.s. Being an Australian based company subject to the laws here your rules around when you give refunds are borderline illegal if they aren’t already.

Sorry about that, but if you buy a new car, i think the warranty is only about 5 years.
After that you’ll need to pay for repairs.
Same thing :slight_smile:

There’s a lot more to it, but your line above pretty much sums it up. A few points to consider…

  1. As a digital product, it costs the author nothing to earn their cut from that $30. Yes, lots of work has gone into creating it, but it doesn’t cost them any more to sell two copies than it does to sell one. Support, on the other hand, costs time… time that could be put to use making more products or enjoying the fruits of one’s labour. A lot of the top developers on here would have no problem charging $100 an hour or more. So if you use more than 10 minutes of support over the entire six months, then you’re getting a pretty good deal. Use half an hour or an hour, and it’s an absolute bargain.

  2. As a result, the support prices could be a lot higher. The best person to provide the support is the author of the theme, so they could charge a premium if the issue is going to cause problems for the buyer, but $16 for 6 months, or 62 cents a week… is pretty reasonable. I guess the most important question that Jenny has to ask herself is… is it worth $16 to have this issue fixed? If it is, then pay the $16. If it isn’t, then don’t.

  3. Unlike insurance, you can encounter an issue or need support… and then buy the coverage. They could make a support subscription compulsory, so I guess there’s that.

  4. If you’re not happy with the support system, then you could always make your own plugins or hire your own plugin support people… you might be able to get it cheaper.


I agree the support process is a joke and maybe a scam. After buying 2 themes last year, I had to sign up last month for additional support and paid $40, so OK warranty expired … I can accept that.
I have now written to the author 3 times for help …with no reply. So why are you selling support if you are not going to reply and fulfill your obligations?
I am now left with the option of going to a private IT expert to help me out and pay additional money.

Totally Upset.


If you paid for support and you’re not receiving it (make sure to check spam), then that’s definitely not okay! Envato protects buyers in situations like this, so you ought to request a refund! https://themeforest.net/refund_requests/new

I believe you can select the support expansion there. Refund requests go to the author, but if they don’t accept it within 5 days, you can contact Envato with the refund request ID and they’ll gladly refund it for you.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

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What you have said about dev costs proves even more that it is a dumb business model. It should be based on how many times you engage the devs for help not if you just happen to have a issue in the first 6 months.

Not the same at all. Cars wear out and are a tangible thing. This is 0’s and 1’s.

Re point 1, you make it sound like they are doing everyone a favour. It’s called supporting your product in the marketplace. Plenty of devs outside this platform have no issue doing so. And a few very good ones inside here still do coz they care about their customers and products and not extacting as much money from every person they can.

  1. It’s fine when it is just 1 plugin but what about when your site has 30 of them. Now it isn’t so negligible.

  2. Yea that would go well. They should give that a try and see how it goes. You will be lauded as the man with the vision that made all the devs and owners of the community so much richer…or it could go the other way. But you should champion the idea.

  3. Na i just try and shop outside the marketplace where they don’t have such stupid policies, but i still have a bunch of purchases from over the years and when i have never cost the dev 1 cent in supporting my purchase and then get told i have to just to get some basic assistance coz i happened to have bought it more than 180 days ago, it s**s me to tears coz it is a joke and i think more devs than not think it is too but tow the company line otherwise their overlord gets mad and squashes them.

All reasonably valid points, and you’re entitled to your opinion, but for me… your argument loses its impact slightly due to the fact your main point is that Envato/authors want to make more money, and you want to pay less money. I.e. if Envato and/or the author are being greedy, then surely wanting a cheap plugin and not wanting to pay for additional support… could also be classed as greedy, maybe?

If you compare the total price of the item and the support, with hiring somebody to create such a thing and hiring support on an hourly basis… then it’s still a bargain.

Like insurance, the company wins in some case and loses in others… likewise, the customer wins in some cases and loses in others. They could charge on a per instance basis, but that would probably end up costing the customer even more. And the majority of companies incorporate the cost of support into their prices… the issue here is that it’s separated as a stand alone charge, so it’s easier to see how much value you’re getting from it or not. They could make all support free, but to offset the cost then your $30 item would be $45 or $60 more likely.

Yes and no. The income from support is a lot higher, but the amount of time spent providing that support is a lot higher as well. And I forgot to mention earlier… the author gets 70% of that support payment. Envato get the rest. So my ten minutes of support example is actually 7 minutes of support.

Well it wouldn’t go down well, but my point was that it could be worse.

But still… I’m genuinely curious: You’ve paid for your plugin and they’ve adopted your idea. You get, let’s say, five support instances over an indefinite period. The author dies a few years later after you’ve used up two of those instances. What should happen if you require a third instance?

I agree with your idea. It’s best of the current one for both users and authors but expiration should stay.

Support based on number of requests instead that of time can be a good way. But I think as author that the time limit must be maintained, after 6 months you bought the item you sure completed the installation and if after lot’s of month something broke the support should not include it.

I have lot’s of costumers that don’t know nothing of WordPress or developing and ask me up to 100 requests! These users should be blocked from the support after a fixed number.


@BizPagePro, you also need to understand that the plugin you bought a few years ago might not work very well with nowadays technology, but still, if the author didn’t abandoned that plugin, and he is still making updates to it, you are still be able to download the latest plugin version, which is very nice.
So you always have access to the latest updated versions of the plugins. Isn’t this awesome?! For example, and returning to the car example, when you buy a car, after the warranty, no one will offer you updates for it, but in this case you can always download it from your account.

Best regards.

Hello Envato Support,
Thanks for your quick response.
I have been writing to the author several times (3 or 4) over the last 2 weeks with no response for support, therefore I have requested a refund on your link provided below.
I hope this works.
FYI, I did get a refund request email, which is good. However, please be aware that your system does not confirm sending emails/requests to the author, so I hope he/she does not claim I never wrote to him for support.
Thanks again,
Soin Singh.

Does Jenny get any notices about the expiration of the plugin she bought ?
For me, i bought site visitor statistics for my website, by the expiration time, i get notice by emails. I checked out and everything normal again. I don’t know about your situation, but why do you have to spend so much energy for this ?

You would get alert emails regarding support expiration but not item expiration as envato don’t own the items so they have no control if the author wants to take them down at will.