I'm seeking advice on a rejected track.

Hi everybody, My item was rejected with “This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.” statement and I don’t know whether it’s the arrangement, performance, mixing/mastering. I’d really appreciate any honest feedback. Thank you for your time.


First of all, it starts with analog noise sounding like, second and most importantly again too much 150-400 Hz mud, too loud in that area that the track can’t be heard pleasantly. Why the noise at start? You don’t use headphones to listen to details? Otherwise musically this sounds good and promising, but mix is the problem. Also some strings pad is a bit annoying, it stops later on but its very static sounding, like no real human feel to it. Also… the ending is very unexcpected… it should keep playing more and end more gently… let me know if you need help on mixing, also tell me more about your mixing environment, what speakers, what room you have, is it acoustically good sounding or not , do you listen with headphones too? if es which ones? … :slight_smile: thats all


Thank you so much for your feedback. I appreciate you taking the time to critique my song. I’ll take into account the things you said here. If I understand correctly I won’t be allowed to re-submit this track even if I do fix it?..It was written for & used in a film already so I thought it might be worth submitting it in the current form that it was already in. Obviously I was wrong in my presumption. I value your feedback & will take it into account when I try to submit music to Audio Jungle in the future. Thanks again!

Hey LonelySea! :slight_smile:

Beautiful and unique track! As stated above, the track starts with a pretty noticeable white noise. You definitely have to get rid of that if you want the track to be accepted. I also agree that the mix is a lil bit muddy in the low-mid area and lacks some brightness. Perhaps you can work on that too.

Regarding the arrangement and composition, I highly recommend you include a variation without the vocals. I TOTALLY love them but they do draw a lot of attention and many customers might need a more neutral, non-invasive version.

As for anything else, it’s always refreshing to hear tracks out-of-the-box around here! You can definitely fix those details and re-submit!

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Thank you so much for your feedback. This is my first submission to AudioJungle so it really helps to get a more specific set of things to work toward. I’m really glad to find out that I can submit more than one version & that I can re-submit a track if it’s the mix that’s preventing it from being accepted. Thanks again!

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Well, guilty as charged! :raised_hand:
I wouldn’t say it out loud though, walls have ears. Best o luck.

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Definitely the reason for the deviation in the quality of the mix. In general, the track is wonderful, but you need to enslave with the frequencies. Check and clean the areas in the 100-430Hz range of the entire mix. I would also advise to reduce the frequency of the bass track in the region of 120-140 Hz, in my opinion it is very booming. After that, the track can be resubmitted for review and most likely it will be approved. I also absolutely support the opinions of Pandocrator and WormwoodMusic! Good luck!

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Thank you for taking the time to listen, & for your feedback. You have really given me a lot of useful information to work with. I wasn’t sure what the reason for rejection was & I was ready to abandon the track all together. I really value & appreciate your help!

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