I'm Not Using Third Party Photo But It Show "This item may not be property released." Still

Hi, my design was approved. However, it show “This item may not be property released”
May I know how do I remove the phrase?

The design link:

Thank you

hi i do not know what it means, however the presentation that u have is pretty strange indeed, as u turn out to have all being considered as a link in te description and the link not leading anywhere anyways … i think this maybe the issue

Hi n2n44, thank you for your reply! :slight_smile:
I edited the text and it’s still stated “This item may not be property released”

hi i guess this is better that u open a ticket , then …

May i know where to open the ticket? :slight_smile:

go to the help center section and contact them indeed through a form, after u say no question is matching …

All items in the poster category have this statement. At least I can’t find a poster without this statement, so I assume it’s category dependant.

Thank you for your help n2n44! :slight_smile:

Thanks Sealord for the reply! :slight_smile: Was thinking the same at first. But I found one latest updated (10 Jan 19) graphic item do not have the statement. https://graphicriver.net/item/2019-a3-wall-menu-vol-01/23132097?s_rank=1

That is a print template not a mock-up!

But you have published your poster item in the category Product Mock-Ups->Print->Posters and mock-up’s may include real-world product or trademark that appears in the item, therefore this statement on each item page.

this is strange then … i do not know whether this is a legend or not but was said that items not properly put in the right category are simply rejected …