im new to this site can i get feedback on these


i have always been making twitch streamers their logos, emotes, badges etc and as you can see its been alot of COD but im trying something new

These don’t work on Envato and you won’t be able to sell those items here

Umm how the guy that said I could apply loved my work and it is unfinished u have gaming stuff on here I did that as a clan tag originally but used another just thought I get some advice what do u do I can do lots of things anyways

The example you posted is very pixelated in my opinion.

Rather Than making emotes why not make stream overlays, game icons & UI pack, game flayer. These items are generic in nature & can be used by many customers on marketplace.

Thank u that’s what I was asking. I’m used to making emotes and things and I’m wanting to do and learn more and on a new site. Is there a tutorial for making inlays and all that you said?