I'm new.Reject.Item does not meet the general commercial quality standard?

I’m confused . Really ?
Tell me please what is wrong with this…


Sounds good for me.

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Thank you !
And I would like to hear more opinions, I want to understand what I’m doing wrong, and that in the concept of envato - commercially viable music :thinking:

Can’t listen right now since I’m away and on my phone. But just wanted to let you know that this is their standard answer. Meaning it’s not an actual comment on what might be wrong with the song. Everyone that’s rejected basically get the same answer. So don’t get hung up on the wording in the rejection mail.


Thanks for the answer ! I’m not obsessed with, but still, as a newcomer, I want to understand what kind of music the stock approves, and for what reason these works did not accept :slight_smile:

Had a listen now.

In the first track I would remove the vinyl noise. Get what you’re going for but it limits the use a bit. The arrangement and the basic mix sounds ok. But the compression/ducking is too much. The piano really gets destroyed by this. I would limit the ducking to the bass and pad perhaps. Let the mix breath a bit more. There’s also some parts where the piano feel a bit too sloppy. Which gets strengthened byt the constant ducking.

Second song. Once again the basic arrangement is fine. But the mix is maybe a bit cluttered when everything is running.

Did you check the audio characteristics? I mean true peak and stereo field. It seems that both recordings are overcomporessed and that the first one looses the stereo field. Maybe you have to check again the mastering.

they are overcompressed for my taste and tracks lack high end. there are also some small issues with stereo placement of sounds inside a mix. i think that are the reasons for rejections because idea is good