Im New - I Need Some Questions Answered

I signed up for some video animations for an intro to some videos im making.

I also noticed some logo designs and music files, after signing up all i can find are basic things, i cant find any of the logos, or music files.

Also half the video files i liked have disappeared.

After looking further it seems i have to pay extra for logos and music? Yet the website conned me into signing up that this is included.

Also the video files i can access have music, and voice, yet they are copyrighted. What the hell is going on here?

I’m guessing you’re confusing Elements and the Marketplaces. They are two different things.

Elements is a subscription based platform with a curated library, while on the marketplaces (Videohive and Audiojungle) you pay for each item and you have a much bigger library.

Also, as a side note, all items on here are copyrighted obviously. Not sure what your issue with this is.