I'm new here... thanks for letting me in

My name is Stef and I’m still waiting for my first song to be approved after 8 days. I’m sure this has been asked before, but I’ll renew the question for newbies like me to take a look - if you all don’t mind :smiley:

I see master authors like Tim McMorris and PinkZebra selling tens of thousands of downloads with only about 100 or so songs. On the other hand, I see some guys here with over 2000 uploads and their sales are only a few hundred. Some guys with 100+ songs here have never even sold anything. What constitutes these factors? Do you guys recommend google adwords to get people to visit your page?

Why do some of these songs that have 2000+ downloads sound almost just like other songs I’ve heard here where they have zero downloads? I guess this asks the same thing as question one.

Thank you much

  1. Advertise, maybe some database of users from this marketing group. You won’t have 1000+ salles just like that.

ps. You really need that bold big fonts ? :slight_smile:

Sorry, that was an accident. Let me change it…

Yeah, what happened was, I numbered the questions and it did that by default.

Database of users from this marketing group? I’m not familiar with that.

Sometime ago I also was surprised that middle quality design wordpress blog is one of best seller in here. Then after a year this author go to another shop , and guess what in few days/weeks his theme ( other theme ) was bestseller …

Have accepted item in here can give You X maybe XX sometimes but not oftet XXX salles. Rest is up too You.

Ok, you’ve grabbed my interest. I’ve been on other royalty-free libraries before and I’ve never heard of any of them doing such.

Just don’t get frustrated about some illogicality, that you may see in market :wink:
Also there are some topics on this forum, where authors discuss this things.
Just stick to your guns, do, what you good in and try to find your unique musical language. And use some tracks on the market, that you like, as references - it helps a lot and saves huge amount of time. :slight_smile:

Ok, but what’s this “database of users from this marketing group” where an item needs to be accepted here with the “XX”? I wasn’t clear on that.

For example … I had database of 500.000 users from my dating site. When I open new dating site - I will get few thousands registration in few days. Clear enough ? :slight_smile:

Ok, so someone here will gather an audience for you and lead them to your songs? I don’t have any previous audience of my own from another site or anything like that.

Then song must be brilliant to have XXX sales :slight_smile: I dont know nothing about audiojunge and where they use song from them … but in 2006 I create flash games and use that kind of sites to get music for games.

Alright, I’ll show you what I uploaded as my first song here. I’ve actually been waiting 9 days for approval.

Maybe you might be able to tell me if this is worth anything to anyone. Don’t be fooled by the hit count on my youtube link, it’s all bot hits.

No, no one will do this for You.

I don’t understand, no one will do what for me? Oh, ok… no one will tell me if this will work. I see, since no one really knows what will sell and what won’t.

The answer is - no. You must do this.