I'm new here and need your help

A few days ago I uploaded an item,but since I didn’t fill out the TAX pay information,it didn’t publish on the market.Now,today I submitted the TAX information successfully,but still my item is on " Currently processing uploads" list with the label" “Queued for Review”

Can anyone help me how long does it is take to publish my item successfully?
Do I need to submit it again?Thanks

Hello @mr3ddesign

Your patience reviewers not working weekend, are break, you can see time for reviewers will to be ready your design come your email if approved or hard rejected.



Just wait. If you won’t hear from then in like another week, try to contact the Envato Help.


Thanks for your assistance.
According to the link you sent,Does it mean that anytime we submit a “print template” item,it takes 5 days to publish on the market?

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Yes but today is weekend, patience maybe monday will come your email :slight_smile:

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Ok,So I will check out my email again on monday :hugs: :wink:

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The 5 days is a guideline based on previous submissions it is not a guarantee. It can take longer or less time depending on numerous factors

The Tax info will not impact this.

If you want (unofficial) feedback in the meantime then you can share the demo /preview here


but I am not sure if monday because maybe tuesday or wedneday…

Please you case to @charlie4282 he give your good advices.

It’s the preview image that I used to showcase the item:

Sorry for I say you that your design is too basic bad typography, aligments, not see good address, phone etc with text black, etc etc, I invite you my friend @n2n44 he is better know that I, he will help you best design.

I am sure 100% will to be hard rejected.

Thank you.

With respect there is no chance this will be approved.

Aside from this being one of the toughest categories in the marketplaces, there are numeorus errors with the design basics.

(not a finite list - just examples)

  • The design generally is very dated

  • The name is not centrally aligned

  • The icons have inconsistent padding all the way round

  • The QR code has too much space below it

  • Lacking a proper logo


Thank you for givin

g the exact details. :pray:
But I want to ask:1.What does is it mean it’s dated?means it is too old?
2.About leaving some space under QR:I wanted to use make balance on the design,So I placed the QR in the middle which is surrounded by negative space
3.Is it a requirement for any businesscard to have a logo?because I’ve seen many BCard Templates which lacked the logo

First of all you have no clear concept. Also the are many free templates much better then yours.


Don’t waste time waiting for the review, because this will be most likely rejected. This is a freebie level at best. Check out some more articles on graphic design, get some inspiration from the best and then get back to work and try to do something much better than this.

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Thank you all for sharing your opinions and suggestions :pray:
Actually,I designed this about 3 years ago and it was one of my first designs for B.Cards.
But,as I created my account on Envato recently and wanted to test this platform earlier,I did some edits on my old design.

1- no clear concept
indeed, there seems to be no idea of who is the target , what business the card is addressing to or whatever
2- global style
this is globally looking old and really super flat and too simple
3- low commercial potential
this is a bit related to points 1 and 2 but not only … indeed, people by buying would not save time, they do not need particular time and talent to redo if , so they would save money instead , so why accepting it if the item cannot sell?
4- contrast
u are violating a basic design principle this is clearly not a good idea as this makes the texts hard to read (so why having a card?) but not only …
5- hierarchy
this is too flat there are actually too levels of reading as at least expected but nothing is really catching the attention properly …
6- text disposition
why putting some text super high in card full of "emptiness " ? LOL this is what u have in the qr code side …
7- alignment
the way text is being placed and aligned in the data side is not the proper one, pls align things correctly
8- no branding
there is not even some space for the to be placed in what u have done , it was not planned , the problem is that all companies or all customers expect for this is as important as personal information displayed in the card …
9- preview
pls do not show color version that are not attractive … this is not “selling”
10- icons
they are very basic, they do not bring anything to the table visually speaking …
11- typo
this is a bit in harmony with the rest so to speak lol sorry for the joke , nothing personal , but this is really lacking some originality and some real work , like about adding variations and font combinations in addition of a touch of originality