I'm new envato (graphicriver)

They are new and do not really know how to do sales or noticed me , who can give me some advice ? (google translate)

Welcome to the Envato Community!

Get started on the Envato Marketplace: http://market.envato.com/

Become an author: http://graphicriver.net/become_an_author

I hope this helps and best of luck :smiley:

little help,I knew these things,but Thanks

Specifically, what do you need to know about being an author?
Welcome :wink:

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Ok, maybe I’ve understand what you need: you’re an authour but you need to sell more, and you ask for some tips to sell more…eheh…Big Question!

I saw your items: please browse top authors and see what is more commercial and valuable. The more an item is useful, the more you have possibilities in selling your items. Explore also what the market need: something that is not seen or new.

Becoming a good Author is a mix of many skills, for example:

- Having an excellent nose for business (in this case - good and commercial items)
- Being Always updated in actual design trends
- Promoting yourself using Socials (FB - Twitter - Google+ - Pinterest and so on)

Hope you’ll find what you’re searching for… Good Luck and Welcome Again :four_leaf_clover:

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