I'm looking for wordpress plugin with time limited content and more

I’m looking for plugin that will help me make my project. We will sell consulting hours/minutes. They will buy that via woocommmerce, that’s ok. Then there will be online appointment booking system; and what i really looking for is plugin that will allow me some kind of time limited chat/conversation online. Or time limited page of post. I found some kind of plugins like https://wordpress.org/plugins/shortcodes-to-show-or-hide-content/ with time limited content. But i would like sth more advance if there is sth. We would like that consultant can give more time if it’s needed or costumer can choose to make conversation longer example for 30minutes for 30€ (just some click to approve that he will pay later). If you know for any plugin that will be close to this; i can add some code, but if there is any plugin i don’t want to waste my time

I think that you want plugin for pornographic site not for consultation. I do not know what kind of consultation you have to pay 60 euros per hour.

That was just a example, it does not matter if the price is 60e/h or 0.6e/h :slight_smile: