I'm looking for this template

Please let me know what template this guy is using?

he is claiming to be the designer of this template but I know I have seen this in themeforest but just couldn’t find it yet.

If he is claiming someone’s stuff, this guy needs discipline and respect to the creators/designers.

Thats not a wp template, but you can do with almost any theme look like that one.

I know its not WP themeplate, that is invision mockup app. The image or the mockup itself is what I’m referring to.

Made by http://themeforest.net/user/dream-theme/ almost certainly their most popular theme (not linking to specific files here)

I’ve seen that but I guess this isn’t from TF, its from other theme store. sorry my bad.

I have to agree with others comments. It looks a lot like many of the themes on Themeforest.

While it may not come specifically from Themeforest, there are chances you’ll find a similar one.

Charlie above mentioned Dream-Team author, I checked, there are similarities but doubt it’s theirs.

Their “The7” theme has similarities and with some customizations could be made to look identical.

All the best.