I'm looking for the name of a template's music!

The template is from Ceviche Argentino, it’s a template only for Apple Motion, it’s called: TV Kit, I do not know the name of the song that sounds and the creator of the Template does not remember it either.

A link to the Audiojungle track has to be included when an AJ preview is used in a VH item, not doing so is against Envato’s rules. It’s a real shame that an Elite author would not bother to include this link and give proper credit.

Since it’s an old track, it’s probably in Soundizer’s database. If you manage to extract the music preview somehow (either ask the VH author if he still has it, or rip the audio of the VH item with a recorder of your choosing), you could upload it to Soundizer and let it find it for you.

If no luck finding it, you may want to check out these two tracks fo a similar mood/style: Hard Fashion and Tungsten

Best of luck!